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31 December 2009

Full Blue Moon Dreaming and 2010 Word of the Year!

Happy New Year!! Happy Full Blue Moon! Dream on and Dream BIG!

My best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous and creative 2010 to all of you! Thank you again, Jamie Ridler, for introducing me to the wonderful idea of creating these Full Moon Dreamboards! Thank you too, Christine Kane, for your idea of the Word of the Year! I've chosen to combine them together in my Full Blue Moon Dreamboard.

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As I hum along with Dean Martin, I am thinking about the year to come. How very fast they fly by! 2010 promises to be an excellent year and I have much I want to accomplish. The fireworks in my FMDB seed some of my wishes for this year. These include (since the image of that part of my dreamboard isn't as focused as I'd like it to be - note to self "Buy new markers!"):

  • Contribution
  • Art
  • Create my Path
  • Research
  • Play
  • Inspiration
  • Invitations
  • Travel
  • Energy
  • Friendships with Remarkable People
  • Focus
  • Magic
  • Prosperity
  • Passion
  • Write and
  • Fitness.

CREATE! is the Word I have chosen for 2010.


I chose "CREATE!" as there is something specific I want to create this year. A document but it may become a book. It will be a minimum of 60 pages and the most I have ever written is 22, so I know this will be a challenge. I still have much research ahead of me but the time has come to start writing. And creating. It has little to do with the type of creativity I see in the dreamboards - Or does it? Does creativity and creating in one arena lead to creativity in another? I am betting that it does. What is your experience?

What kind of mechanisms can I put into place, I wondered, to ensure that I create this year? Participating in the Full Moon Dreamboards is one way. Already in my 2 initial efforts I am astonished by the finished products and by the process. Amateurish they may be, but they are my creations. So I have started to create! Another decision I have made is to participate in the Creative Every Day 2010 Challenge. Some days creating will be the writing I want to do. Other days - who knows?! I feel excited just thinking about it!

I looked at one of the Flickr group slideshow that Leah Piken Kolidas, creator of CED2010, mentioned and immediately started to doubt my ability. Amazing artwork has been created! At the moment of my worst angst, I looked back at the screen and saw this:

Wow!!! What an amazing image to see at that very moment! Thanks so much Annette Q for your great picture! The synchronicity continues!

In 2010, I will Create!