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06 April 2012

Paint Party Friday - Week 4, Year 2 - Travelling Sketchbook for January

I received another of the travelling sketchbooks last Friday. Yay!!! It belongs to Jaime/ARtsyfARtsyme and my month to do is January. These books, as they become fuller, become more and more fascinating and AWESOME as each of the artists creates their two page spreads.

Here are my January spreads. (Unfortunately they are becoming hard to scan as the sketchbooks get thicker.)

The full first spread...

 Left page - "The Thinker" as Snowman
(It scanned so poorly - very disappointing.)

Right page - The quote/poem reads:

"Winter is the time of promise 
because there is so little to do - 
or because you can now and then 
permit yourself the luxury of thinking so.
~Stanley Crawford

(Maybe it shows better photographed?)

And the second page has all my writing about what January means to me. Here it is prior to my musings on hibernation, heat seeking, reading, wine and thinking, etc, etc, etc.

This book is now in the mail and on its way to Nicola in Australia!

I hope everyone has a lovely Good Friday, Easter weekend or Passover if you celebrate these; and especially a fun Paint Party Friday. I will be by to visit when I am not trying to do a little Spring garden and house cleaning.