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26 August 2011

Paint Party Friday - Week 24 - Walking in my World

Happy Paint Party Friday! The summer is almost over here and back to school season is fast approaching. Next weekend I will be away, taking my daughter back to university in Victoria, B.C. Not sure if I will have a post then or if I will have to sit out my first PPF. We'll see. 

This week I'd like to show you a few more pages in my "Walking in my World" journal where I am trying to capture sights I have seen while out for a stroll. Last week was based on the rocky river bed and this week, the sandy beach!

Shadows in the Sand

Tracks in the Sand

Beach Bonfire

I hope you have a great last week of August and a fun time at PPF! I look forward to seeing your paintings!

20 August 2011

ICAD - Playing with Pens, Watercolour Brush Pens and Office Supplies

I've been trying new tools and supplies lately in creating my ICADs. For a few days, I decided to play with pens and zen doodle and create a few more "Girls with Funny Hats".

Zen Doodling...


Girls with Funny Hats...

Then I decided to switch tools and try some using my watercolour brush pens (which are really more like ink than watercolour, and I'm not yet convinced that I like them much). Here are the pens...

And here are the ICADs I created using them...


Squirrel eating my pears!



Pear on my tree...


And then I switched to using more office supplies...

Ballpoint Flower


 Highlighter Flowers

Highlighter Hearts

Highlighter Butterfly

Highlighter Carrots

I can't believe August is almost over and so is the ICAD challenge. It's been fun so far!

19 August 2011

Paint Party Friday - Week 23 - Walking in and Rocking my World

Thank you all for your wonderful comments last week on my heart shaped rocks! I think it is so cool that so many of us enjoy beach-combing and especially finding interesting rocks! Fabulous!! And even funnier some of the places you find heart shapes in nature or as "gifts' from pets! Great comments! LOL

On our road trip last weekend, I took my paints, waterbrushes and some photos that I have taken on some of my summer walks with me. I started sketching and painting in the car (as a passenger!) and am now almost halfway through my 30  page "Walking in my World" journal. 

Here are a few more on the rock theme:

Another heart shaped rock (@ 12 inches across) in the river - too big to bring home!

One of my silly/fun goals this summer was to build an inuksuk in the river, using river rocks... and I did! Such different rocks were there and the top one was of a much darker kind than most.

Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful time visiting all the Paint Party Friday participants!

12 August 2011

Paint Party Friday - Week 22 -Artist's Way Journal page and Frame within a Frame

Not the most productive painting week, I'm afraid! Oh, well. At least I have one thing to show for PPF!

I love finding heart shaped rocks! Two!

Over the summer I have slowly been working through The Artist's Way and I am now on Chapter 6 where one of the exercises is to go rock hunting and find 5 (ish) stones that you like. (I'd started ahead of Paula and Ileana et al and haven't really been talking about it much here so far.)  While I am having a bit of a love/hate relationship with this book, I am still working through it with a friend. I finally figured out where in town I might possibly find some nice rocks and went on an Artist's Date looking for some to take home. And I thought it would be fun to paint them too! (Not part of the exercise.) It's always a thrill when I find heart shaped rocks. 

And speaking of heart shaped rocks.... I noticed that Kat at Kat Eye View, for her Exploring with a Camera series this week, has the theme of a Frame within a Frame. It made me think of this photo I took in Mexico through rough coral. 

A few minutes later I found a big heart shaped piece of coral just as a bride and groom were walking by! So I gave it to their parents (the bride and groom had gone on already) to give to them.

I'm away this weekend so I probably won't be visiting until after Tuesday but I will try to visit you all then! Have a wonderful weekend and a great Paint Party Friday!!

(P.S. My ICADs this week are mostly zen doodles and aren't painted - I'll post them when I have more free time.)

05 August 2011

Paint Party Friday - Week 21 - Index Card Paintings

This week I again went back to creating index cards for my ICAD (Index Card A Day) project and had a mini Paint Party (holiday Monday here) with my daughters Katie and Ruth joining in, and my friends Deborah and Scott as well! They came over to have a swim, saw the paints and started to play too!

Freeform Flowers

Flowering Branch

I still have red on my mind and paintbrush...

My pears are getting a little colour...

Imagining a sunset...

Imagining a moonrise...

Imagining the beach on the river...

If only my apple tree hadn't died...

July ICAD Collage

And from the other paint party players
By Ruth

By Katie

by Scott

and Deborah took her cards with her so I don't have them to show. 

A lovely, relaxing, unexpected Paint Party this week! Happy Paint Party Friday!