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03 August 2008

Learning Techniques

They say the best way to learn is by doing. And that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.


I want to learn how to write better. I intend to write a book. Am I capable of writing a book that people want to read? I truly do not know. Time will tell. Much research needs to be done and much hard work invested before a single word is typed on the manuscript.

Some people seem to be born writers. They have loved it since they were first taught the use of the alphabet. All they have ever wanted to do was write. I am NOT one of them. The pen scares me. I am unsure of my skill and my voice. I have been told I write well. So why the fear and dread those times I have decided to write?

They say the best way to conquer fear is by doing the thing you fear. Good advice, I suspect (unless your fear is of death). So I will take this small step by writing here - in this blog. I'm unsure today what I will use the blog to write about - thus the name - to be determined.

Another technique for learning is to obtain constructive feedback. So while my first inclination is to use this as a private, practice journal, I have decided to leave it open for comments.

Thank you in advance for help or encouragement!

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