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04 January 2009

FLOURISH!!!!!!!! - My Word for 2009

Do you set New Years Resolutions?

A few years ago, a close friend and I decided that instead of setting resolutions, we would chose a word for the year. This word would represent the theme or perhaps the goal for the year. It might be a verb or an adjective, maybe even a noun that had meaning for the chooser. We did that both of the last two years and each year we promptly forgot our words.

Late in 2008, I saw a blog discussing the Word of the Year concept and decided to try it again and this time to remember my word for more than a few days! In December, over lunch, we choose our words. My friend chose RE-INVENT, her husband chose INQUISITIVE and I chose FLOURISH!!! To ensure I remember and embrace my word, I have written it in my agendas, very colourfully and with silly flare, since FLOURISH is that kind of a word!

What does FLOURISH mean to me?

The dictionary defines it as:
intransitive verb
1: to grow luxuriantly: thrive
2 a: to achieve success: prosper <a flourishing business> b: to be in a state of activity or production <flourished around 1850> c: to reach a height of development or influence
3: to make bold and sweeping gestures
transitive verb: to wield with dramatic gestures: brandish

Those definitions feel right and like what I'm aiming for - to thrive, to prosper, to grow. Flourishing also implies health and fitness to me. It suggests colour and boldness. It involves action. I have always been a bit concerned about words like growth, abundance, expansion etc as they can include getting larger physically and that I definitely do NOT want that. Flourishing to me doesn't include growing in girth since to flourish you must be fit, healthy and strong. Those are traits I want to improve upon and build.

The only concern I have had, regarding my word and 2009, is that I need to spend time this year doing research for two projects I want to accomplish. This will involve a lot of reading. Reading at times feels like sitting on my fanny doing nothing, inactive. Flourishing evokes taking action. However for a plant to flourish, it must have a strong root system. Reading and my research are like building my root system - necessary to thrive and flourish later. So it still applies! :)

I am very excited about my word. FLOURISH!!! I see 2009 in a bright light now. I expect it to be colourful, happy, healthy, playful, filled with pizazz and music. Laughter, love and living life to the fullest are part of flourishing as are action, accomplishment, contribution and celebration!

Have you chosen a word?

What is it?


  1. Oooh, I love this concept of picking a word, and "Flourish" is an awesome one. I think for me I'll pick "writing" b/c I want this year to be all about me getting back to thinking of myself as a writer and enjoying writing and words in all kinds of ways, not just working on The Book. :)

    I love it! Wishing you much thriving and pizazz in 2009...

  2. I did this too, and chose the word "prosperity". Flourishing is a really beautiful word, and a wonderful choice.

    P.S. I notice that book has familiar bindings. Is it one of those Smithsonian notebooks? The ones with the wrap-around covers that are magnetised. If it is, I love them to bits!


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