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07 January 2012

Sweet Saturdays - Not food but these are sweet to me!

Christmas is over and the General said "Prepare to retreat!"

And they did...

Now all my nutcrackers (well almost all - a few are acting as models for unfinished paintings) are in their boxes and tucked away in their furnace room storage. When the  nutcrackers are out, they are very sweet to look at - so I am linking to Diana's Sweet Saturdays.

Are you undecorated yet?


  1. I wouldn't know where to begin with such a collection! Wow!

    I am entirely undecorated except for the poinsettias which will probably hang around until Easter

  2. Wow, that is a great collection. Very sweet, indeed. Must have been a lot of work to put all of them away. Take care, thanks for sharing.

  3. Those are truly sweet.Must be wonderful for your family :)

  4. Oh, I just love, love, love nutcrackers. I don't have as many as you do but I do have quite a few. Nutcrackers and snow globes are my weakness.

  5. oh this is such a perfect share with us!!!! I love these photos of the most amazing collection!!! what a wonderful collection of nutcrackers Eva!!!! SWEEEEEEEEET!!!! Thank you for sharing these with us!!!!

  6. That is the most impressive collection of nutcrackers I've ever seen! Reminds me of Louise, a sweet neighbor we used to visit often growing up... she always had the most interesting decorations, many from Germany. I have most of my Christmas decorations put away, but I keep finding things here or there I missed! Have a great day :)


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