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03 February 2013

29 Faces for February 2013 - #1, #2 and #3

Back at it! 

I haven't done much creatively lately, so when Martha at Ayala Art restarted her 29 faces in February, it inspired me to (get off my butt and) start sketching again!

These first ones were done using watercolour crayons. Why the coloured faces? I really don't know!

She reminds me of a  undersea siren...

Funny how the scan almost gives him an evangelical aura....

a little jaundiced?

Well, off to a colourful start! Last year I really felt this challenge improved my ability to draw faces. While I have regressed somewhat, I hope it has the same effect this year.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to...


  1. great start! I looked at all your faces from the past too. You really are quite good at sketching faces. I am warming up to doing people by starting with a few other techniques first. I love being given a kick in the pants to draw. I have been sewing alot lately and drawing faces is just what I needed to clear my head and get the lint out of my brain.

  2. Eva yaay! So good to see you participating!!! I love the 3 faces! Fun colors, and yes, the guy in the middle looks like he has rays coming from him! cool :oD

  3. Keep it up. Mine keep getting better. Love this challenge.

  4. Your people would make great guests at a dinner party -- they all look so interesting and unique. Happy Day 4!

  5. Hi Eva. Good to see you again! Love your 3 faces. Each has their own personality, even the jaundiced one. Tee hee. :)) Have a great day. Love your background on your blog.

  6. LOVE the color on the faces. Mine can be a little plain so I'm a big fan of the first one...green girl, but they all have personality and a funky look. Great job!

  7. Love all the different colours of your faces! Thank you too for the interview on PPF. Got some wonderful reactions from all the lovely people there! Keep up the good work!

  8. HOW cool! I love all the different colors - although the jaundiced comment cracked me up! Yay, I'm trying the same - to just DO it already - hopefully I will have the same results as you did last year - looking forward to more of your faces! xoxo

  9. Wonderful to see all of your faces
    they each have such nice energy in them

  10. The colours are so cool! Your first face reminds me of old stereotyped female aliens in Sci-fi. Nice to see your in the 29 faces challenge again!


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