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17 February 2017

Daily Art Agenda

It's been awhile... I have quietly been creating this year, posting a bit to instagram, working with Kristin at PPF, though rarely do I seem to get to my little blog here...

For 2017, I decided to fill a daily (office type) agenda with art - sometimes little paintings, or drawings, or doodles - either doing daily creations or a two day spread. My goal is that this book will be fat and full by the end of the year.

Here are a "few" pages so far...

Inspired by a little statue I bought...

Chinese/Lunar New Year

Valentine's Day


An experiment with bunnies...


Inspired by a quote by Hafiz:

Inspired by an instagram photo:

The view from my window - squirrels playing (with some bleed-through from the doodle on the next page... oops!)

This is some of what I have been working on. Have you had a creative year so far in 2017?


  1. Your agenda/journal is fun, and a handy size for daily play. Nice to see you around again. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Love seeing all the different ideas coming together in your journals. Love the bunnies
    Happy PPF
    Emma x

  3. I LOVE your calendar/journal! Was this watercolor? Would love to do it to my calendar but my paper is too flimsy. Happy PPF

  4. oh what beautiful and fun art pages in your book EVA!! I LOVE the bunny:) Sorry you don't have more time to post but I so appreciate the time you put into PPF and enjoy seeing your art anytime you get the chance to share it.

  5. Fabulous pages!! Your book is filling up wonderfully! Love the tree with the cloudy energy behind it! Wonderful depth! Love your big rabbit and the colourful ones too!! Great variety and rooster too!! Well done!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Hello Eva, it was fun looking through your journal - thanks for showing it.
    My favourites are the Rabbit with top hat (cute statue), the Tree, and the squirrels a'scampering up a tree.
    A lovely collection and they're all special in their own way.
    Beaut to see you, cheers for now and thank you so much for enabling the friendship that PPF brings :D)

  7. I like your paintings with your journal. Love the bunny experiment.

  8. Full of whimsy!! Love the sketch journal! I think the tree is my favorite! Have a wonderfully creative week :)

  9. Especially love the one with the Hafiz quote and the hearts journal pages.

  10. Love your journal pages and that fun header, Eva!!!

    Happy PPF and 6th birthday!!!

  11. Have a wonderful birthday week. I like what you have accomplished in your book already.

  12. Great art and gorgeous header Eva,
    Happy Birthday :D


Looking forward to hearing from you!