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29 November 2008

Know Limit

One of my favourite artists is Marcus Pierson and one of my favourite pieces of his work is "Know Limit".

His work is very unusual in that it contains words as well as images.

I fell in love with this one when I saw it. (Discovering the gallery with Pierson's artwork, and this piece in particular, happened in a most synchronistic manner, making it all the more memorable and impactful to me. A story for another day!)

Unlike some of his other pieces, I knew that this one was THE ONE I had a proper home for - on my office wall. It could talk to me there. It could inspire me. It affirmed some of what I have already experienced and accomplished. Some, as I know I can do more. The words continue to ring true. They encourage me. They remind me to know and PUSH my own limits. Such amazing creativity his paintings (limited editions) and his sculptures display!

 The words are: Like everyone else I was told my future had no limit. While it was true for some, for myself - I knew better. So instead I simply set out to find it. And once I had, to push against it and try my best to move it. More like a bull than an eagle, just stubbornly plodding along. Looking back now, I can't believe what I've done, where I've been. So I say to you these two simple words; not no limit - but KNOW LIMIT.”

Do you have any artwork that reminds you of your potential within?

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