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09 November 2008

Nests and Berries

Today I went for a walk with my camera. I wanted to take photos with a theme in mind. At first I thought the theme might be wreaths. Or perhaps interesting doors. But as I walked, I found there were very few unique or colourful doors in my neighbourhood and fewer wreaths. We seem to be in that interim time period where Hallowe'en decorations have disappeared but Christmas wreaths are not yet on up the doors of the local homes.

So what did catch my eye?

Two things in particular caught my attention. One was the nests in the trees. It sure does explain the abundance of squirrels in the area! The other was the berries that are still abundant on certain trees.

There are always squirrels around. Red, grey, and black squirrels frolic and play. They chase each other. They chatter at the cats when they get too close. The telephone lines are their roads and their leaps from those paths to tree branches are amazing to watch. Most of the nests that I saw, I believe belong to the squirrels.

I was delighted to see so many berries! The mountain ash, euonymus, and two other kinds that I was unfamiliar with, were just beautiful!

Hope you enjoy these photos as seen through my eyes and lens! What did you see today that caught your attention?

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