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26 February 2011


BREATHE  is the theme for this week's Inspiration Avenue challenge. I've had ideas brewing since I first read the announcement post! This is what I came up with. (I had a bit of a problem with the words and tried using a letter stencil at first. Mistake. So free hand with a paint brush it was. Anyone have suggestions on techniques to handle wording better?)

(I know see that the gold wording isn't as clear in the scan as it is in reality. It says "Breathe Life into your CREATIONS".)

Great theme for this week's challenge! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does with it!

Breathe also made me think of this wonderful song!


  1. Hi Eva very creaive piece! I love the thought behind this one. I find that when I want to write words onto a painting I use some kind of marker pen, I'm not very good at painting the letters......I think you've done a great job though! :0)

  2. Breathing life into one's work is a most worthy challenge for us all. Great piece! I always like using collaged lettering in my journal.

  3. I love the sax playing snowman, for openers! I have a hard time with lettering stencils and have pretty much given them up. I just use markers of various kinds for lettering now.

  4. Nice post for this week's challenge. I agree with the thought of breathing life into our creations. Art gives us a life to treasure.

  5. A fun piece. Breathe Life into your CREATIONS - I like this phrase.

    Re letterings - how about collage, but cutting text from a magazine....??

  6. I love the title of your piece- it sounds so simple, but truly, getting life into your art isn't always easy!
    As for lettering, the only way I know to do it on a painting- is do the writing first and paint around the letters- the paint will create a kind of shadow and help them stand out while being part of the art.

  7. Breathing and creating do go together perfectly.
    They are the best ways to bring calmness.

  8. Breathing life into your art, what a wonderful interpretation! Very nice submission!

  9. Eva, I love this piece, it is beautiful. I have problems with free-hand lettering. I tend to use foam stamps with acrylic paint, but that doesn't always work either. I can understand your pain here.

  10. Very good .I like the concept.
    While looking at the piece I was wondering what type of paper you are using. maybe different paper type might help a bit with gold - just a thought.

  11. Thanks everyone for the great ideas on lettering!

  12. I'm a little late to the discussion, but I sometimes use markers, gel pens, or colored pencils over watercolors. You can get metallic gel pens, and if you wait for the watercolors to dry, enhance or outline with those.
    Breathe... my favorite form of inspiration!

  13. Such a great take on the theme!
    Paint pens are great for lettering and I think they also sell rub-on letters at craft stores...


  14. I love the sentiment ""Breathe Life into your CREATIONS" - great take on the theme. I didn't get to play this week because I was away and now I hear your going away. Hopefully we'll catch up soon in cyber land :-)

    Kat X


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