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23 January 2015

Creating Again in 2015

Whoa! Where did 2014 and some of 2015 go to?

Hope everyone is doing well! I've been behind the scenes at PPF but never seemed to be able to get my own posts up or much visiting or commenting in. I have been creating, though on a small scale. I (mostly) completed my RAJ (Red Art Journal) last year and have started a new one for 2015. No canvases though   :(   My goal is to get about a dozen canvases done later in the year and to finish my art journal. This is some of what I have created so far.

For 2015, I chose 3 words vs the one word of the year as Chris Brogan and others suggest. This is my image to illustrate the words for myself. They are big rocks (based on the theory that you need to think of the big things first then the smaller things) The words are ECOSYSTEM (to focus more on my surroundings, systems, connections and the interrelationships in my life), BODY (both from a health and fitness perspective and also a "body of work" focus) and COMPASS (to help me check that I am going in the right direction). What is/are your word(s)?

2015 Words of the Year - ECOSYTEM, BODY, COMPASS

Bird on a Wire (Fence)


Joy - with words

Quirky (almost evil looking) Snowman

Finished 2014 RAJ 

Sample page from 2014 RAJ

Hope 2015 is starting off to be a fabulously creative year for you!