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24 August 2010

Full Fish Moon Dream Board

I couldn't bring myself to call this Full "Sturgeon" Moon Dream Board. Man, those sturgeon are UGLY! So I kept the fish theme but chose prettier fish to add to my Dream Board.

I have been out of town or incredibly busy for so many full Moons recently that I haven't had the ability to participate in this fun event. Here is my attempt for this month though! I had a tiny bit more luck with images to collage but I just don't seem to buy the right kind of magazines, I guess. There are words all over the fish relating to Shining or to Glimmers. Not sure they are visible though except maybe by double-clicking on the third image.

Full August Moon Dream Board (photographed)

Top (scanned)

Bottom (scanned)

Make sure to check out all the great Full Moon Dreamers at Jamie Ridler Studios!!

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23 August 2010

Sketching Faces

This week I ran out of FIRE ideas for CED2010 and started the week doodling. Then I thought I would like to try to sketch faces so the rest of the week was inspired by a few magazine covers. My scanner doesn't like pencil and my confidence sketching isn't too high so the lines are faint but if you double-click on any image it does become clearer!

Monday: I guess I was thinking of faces early in the week too as this zen doodle turned into this ugly mug!


Any guesses as to who these next five lovely ladies are? I'd be shocked if anyone figured them out (but immensely pleased if my efforts made them the least bite recognizable)! Guesses anyone?






These were my little creations every day! I also participated in Inspiration Avenue's Weekly Challenge and Blue Chair Diary's Sunday Sketches  this week. I am looking forward to seeing your efforts!

I hope you have a great week! 

22 August 2010

Sunday Sketching 22August2010 "Capturing Sunflowers"

A little sunny something done today for Sophia at Blue Chair Diary's Sunday Sketches:

and another done earlier from a photo taken during that photo walk in the sunflower field!

Make sure to check out the fun and amazing Sunday Sketches everyone did and join in!

19 August 2010

Coffee or Tea with Inspiration Avenue

The theme for this week at Inspiration Avenue's Weekly Challenge is "Coffee or Tea". I love both! But which I drink usually depends on the time of day. I love coffee in the morning but prefer tea any other time. What about you?

This is what I did specifically for the challenge - A Zen-Doodly Coffee:

But I didn't think the brown coffee showed up in contrast well enough, so I added a little watercolour. (Don't think my scanner likes brown.)

The theme also made me think of a few other little creations that I have done - Coffee to Go?:

Or maybe you'd prefer a pot of tea?

Mint Tea?

And a little treat to go with it?

Such a pleasure to have coffee and tea with all the wonderful artists at Inspiration Avenue!!

16 August 2010

Life in the Garden and continuing Fire Creations

Another week, another seven little creations! Some days it is so hard to continue CED2010. My mind is numb. I don't want to open my CED2010 book. Finding the time is a challenge. Finding inspiration even harder! Some things I create feel so pedantic and ordinary (and they are) but I tell myself "I am doing something, maybe brilliance will eventually come". Or not. But continue I do...

What about you? Here are my little efforts:

Monday: Zen-doodling fire...

Tuesday: still thinking about the FIRE theme... Rocket Fire!

Wednesday: Running low on FIRE ideas, my focus changed to my garden and this thief!! The squirrels stole ALL my apples before they ripened and now they are after the pears!! I finally picked them all green and am hoping that they will ripen indoors. One did and it was delicious!

Thursday: Several birds love to serenade me and one of their favourite spots is on the electric wires. Today it was a mourning dove. I am always very appreciative! (Except for the crows - not so appreciative.)

Friday: The bees sure love these flowers - they go all the way inside!

Saturday: Another person with a funny hat...

Sunday: Definitely have the FIRE theme on my mind here. Where does your fire burn? Do ideas set your mind on fire? Or is your heart aflame? Or is there a fire in your belly?

So that was my week. Tell me about yours? Did your fire burn with creativity?

09 August 2010


FIRE! is this month's theme at CED2010 and I tried to relate my little creations this week to that theme, if only in some small way.

Monday: Zen doodling with Fire on my mind...

Tuesday: Trying my pastels again...

Wednesday: "The Fire Creator"


Friday: As I drive to work in the mornings lately, I have been passing by a growing sea of fire - well, actually a field of sunflowers! So today my daughter and I went to investigate that field in more detail:


Sunday: Yuri loves fire!! mmm so warmmmm.....

So this was my week! I also created some journal pages and a new layout for this blog. I love books so I thought the background was cool but I'm not sure if it has enough colour to it. It may be time for a new header. Maybe that will be something to create this week?

Did you have a good week or are summer and vacations interrupting your creativity? Hope you have a fun creative week ahead!

06 August 2010

Intrigued by Art Journaling

I  am very intrigued by Art Journaling. It seems to have all the benefits of journaling but with a creative, visual aspect to complement it. So for the past little while, I have been thinking about it, reading and dabbling. And this month, through many of you, I came across Connie Hzovicka's 30 Journals in 30 Days - "The You Can Play Too Version".  So even though I haven't really started yet, I am going to participate in her interviews and show my first attempt at an art journal spread*.

How long have you been Art Journaling?
In April 2010, I tried participating in  Roz's International Fake Journal Month and kept an art journal for that month. While it was not "my" journal, I really enjoyed the process. Since then I have started a number of different journals - one for
  • capturing everyday events 
  • gardening
  • travel
  • quotes and conversations
  • another non-Art passion I have
  • creatively thinking through things
None have much in them yet but all have something. Here is my first full spread for the last one - which I believe may/will be the most important journal.

How has Art Journaling impacted, changed, or enhanced your life?
Not yet, but it might! It has definitely been enhanced by viewing the journals of the amazingly talented artists out there!

What are a few of your favorite Art Journaling materials to use?
I am learning as I go and willing to try anything! So far watercolours and acrylics, collage, glue, sharpies, gel and other pens.

Who are some of your favorite Art Journalers?
I have 2 full pages on my iGoogle of people whose journaling work I am checking in on from time to time. And another 2 pages for CED2010 and other art challenges. Do I have favourites? I'm sure I will but I am intrigued by everyone's efforts at this point!

What kind words of encouragement would you say to an Art Journal newbie?
Please join me and let's learn together!

Where can we contact you...give us some link LOVE!!
My daughter loves and bought a T-shirt that one of the characters (Eli) wears on Stargate Universe that says - YOU ARE HERE and indeed you are! But if you're not - http://ejl-tbd.blogspot.com/.

Short Bio.
I've always hated writing bios and this time is no exception. Who is EVA?

  • New Discoverer of her Creativity.
  • Experimenter in various art techniques
  • Busy Professional
  • Passionate about the Future
  • Wife and Mother of 2 Beautiful Daughters 
  • Canadian who still uses "u"s in her spelling (and eh's, of course!)
  • Concerned for her sanity as she adds another creative challenge on top of CED2010 and the others she intermittently participates in. 
So there is my "interview". (Usually I am doing the interviewing!) 

I really enjoyed finishing this first spread! I will share more when I have something else that feels "done". Hope you'll participate too!


*I'm not sure this is finished yet but I gather I won't know that for some time to come!

02 August 2010

Back on Track?

Last week totally got away from me!! I only just posted my creative endeavours for the previous week before I started writing this. It has been a beautiful long weekend here and the outdoors beckons - after I help one daughter create a presentation, this is.... 

Hope you had a great week, I'm looking forward to getting caught up on all your efforts over the past two weeks. Here are mine from last week:




Thursday: At some point with each of my CED2010 books, I try to create my version of the cover of the book. Here I try to channel my inner Miro. Not sure I was very effective....

My version:

Real cover:



Sunday: August's theme is FIRE! So this one has that in mind:

Have a fun and creative week everyone!!

Very Late Posting - Busy Week Away

A full week late posting my little CED2010 updates for the 19th-25th of July but as they say : "Better late than never!" (At least I'm going with that.)

I find it is very difficult to do something creative, like I have been doing, while I am away on business This trip was to VERY busy conference and I was doing creative things there - interviewing people for the organization holding the conference. I, and my questions, will be edited out of the resulting videos when they are done but it was a novel and enjoyable experience to create these. I had 26 people in front of the cameras and it will be fascinating to see what the camera and sound wizards do with the content! That seemed more than enough but I did do my seven little creations for the week. I'm just very late posting them!!



Wednesday: Thinking about a friend's father who used to collect four-leaf cover bouquets for his wife!





On to last week now!