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29 June 2012

Paint Party Friday - Week 16, Year 2 - Travelling Sketchbook for March

Another travelling sketchbook arrived Monday! (Yay!) It is so very exciting to see these sketchbooks mature as they travel the world. This one is March and all I have left to do is November (which should arrive soon) and April (which I have no idea where it currently is). Since these are so far behind in their travels I wanted to get it back in the air as quickly as possible.

This book belongs to Kathy and it is gorgeous. March is an odd month for me - not quite winter and not yet Spring. Often we have been south for March Break and when we haven't, I dreamed of going... My March images are inspired by that dreaming...

March spread #1 with words...
The words/poem read:
"We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winter's evening. Some of us let these great dreams die, but others nourish and protect them."
-- Woodrow Wilson

March spread #1 without words... 
I dream of the sea. And of the fishies I would see while snorkeling... (well and many, many other things...)

 March spread #2 without words
Now written over with my thoughts of March...

I am still battling the weeds overtaking my garden so I will be in and out to visit as weather and weariness permit. Now I have some help - a gift of weeding from my family for Mother's Day. (How wonderful!) Plus to make things extra busy, Sunday is Canada Day and that means beach party, bonfire and fireworks!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians and an early Happy Independence Day to all my American friends.


15 June 2012

Paint Party Friday - Week 14 year 2 - Rainbow Sherbet WIPs

The ice cream flavoured Summer of Colour has started and inspired me to take out my paints and see what rainbow sherbet creations I could come up with. I had hoped these would be complete in time for Paint Party Friday... Alas no. Time slipped away from me again! (Where the heck does it go?)

So here is what I have so far - hopefully by next week I might have finished these and started on Chocolate Mint!
WIP #1
Mostly finished... I think it need some black accents.

WIP #2
I see a bird...

WIP #3
I tot I taw a puddy tat...
What do you see here?

Does this look yummy or what! Perhaps part of the Summer of Colour should be going to Baskin and Robbins and having a scoop of each flavour we work on? Sounds yummy to me!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the Dads in your life. I look forward to dropping by when I can and seeing what you have created.

08 June 2012

Paint Party Friday - Week 13 Year 2 - Wheat Fields

Earlier this year I started a painting that I called "Wheat Fields". I sort of liked it but it needed something more. My wonderful Paint Party Friday friends gave me lots of suggestions as to how to finish it off. Thank you everyone for all the feedback and suggestions!

It sat and sat, and I finally came back to it and this is how I finished it (or at least I think it is finished...)

"Wheat Fields"

left side

right side

(This is where I left it last time...)

What do you think - is it finished or does it need something else?

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll be by to visit as weather permits - if rainy (again!) sooner and if sunny then later as the weeds hide my flowers and my flowers call to be rescued...

01 June 2012

Paint Party Friday - Week 12, Year 2 - Travelling Sketchbook for September

I'm a bit late for the party (Paint Party Friday, of course!) but I finally had the paints out and have something to show! May was a very busy month. I have been away and haven't had much of an opportunity to paint or visit PPF partyers.    :(

On Monday, one of the sketchbooks that had been out of circulation for some months, arrived in the mail . Yay! I wanted to turn it around and get it on to its next stop as quickly as possible. That inspiration lead to action!

Today I finished it and ran to the post office to send it on its way to Nicola in Australia.

This book belongs to Kim - Queen of Arts and has only a few entries - mine is for the month of September! It was very hard for me to paint and write about September at the end of May, beginning of June but I think I found the perfect poem...

First spread before poem added...

With poem... words read...

"September leaf 
The torrid kisses
...Of July 
September leaf 
Sensing winter
....And oblivion 
And whispers 
"July, my only love" "Say you remember." 
- LaRetha Adams, Before Winter

Since I too love July and am yearning for it as the weather here has again turned cold and rainy, this poem seemed perfect!

This is the second spread where I talk about September means to me. (Hint: it involves grapes and pears, and apples (up until last year when my apple tree died) which I grow in my yard.) 

Hope everyone has a great time at the party! I will be dropping by to visit this weekend. (My expected distraction this weekend - the incredibly growing weeds - are safe for now with this miserable weather...)