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07 October 2016

Creating again...


It's been a while since I posted anything and life has been incredibly busy and chaotic especially lately with renovations. I did find a little time to create though (and of course work behind the scenes with Kristin at PPF - creation of a different sort). I am hoping I will have enough time to visit you this weekend, so here are some of my paintings since my last post...

Balloons in the Setting Sun


Spring Branch

Birds on a Wire

Paintings finished on my deck (I so enjoy painting outside... that is over for this year...)

I did a bit of work in my art journal....

How I Spent my Summer

Rainbow Unicorn

Our Moon with Mark Twain quote

Until I went away on vacation, I also participated in Tammy Garcia/Daisy Yellow's ICAD challenge. The first two are a Mondrian look at the colours of my garden...  (Others are posted on my instagram account along with a few photo challenges.)

Garden a la Mondrian #1

Garden a la Mondrian #2

Another theme of mine was Birds:

Blue Herons


False coloured....(I forget what...)

Colours of my Garden - Abstract

And a few Zen Doodles....


Yuri on the Railing

And those are some of the highlights of my creativity this summer. Hopefully it won' be as long until next post! ;)

Happy PPF! Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians and I look forward to visiting you!

22 April 2016

Scenes from my Travel Sketchbook

If I am going away on a relaxing vacation, I often bring a sketchbook and a small selection of water colour paints. Sometimes I get a few pages done, other times none and once (Mexico) I finished the whole sketchbook!

Earlier this month I was in Costa Rica for a week and managed to paint two pages. There were these gorgeous bluebirds, almost like a blue jay but much fancier... they would hang around the pool and as soon as you left your pina colada unattended they would steal the pineapple garnish!

Costa Rican White-Throated Magpie Jay

And of course there were iguanas! My friends suggested I paint this one the colours of the Costa Rican flag....

Costa Rican Iguana

Happy PPF everyone!

Oh - Are you on instagram? I am finally on instagram where I first posted these, and a very few of the photos I took for inspiration. It's kind of fun for sharing a quick photo or for doing a photo challenge.

You can find me at@eva.tbd   
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