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21 June 2010

Mostly Bliss with Zen Doodling Distractions

I stayed --mostly-- focused on the theme of Bliss this week for CED2010. Zen doodling distracted me from it on a few days though!

Monday: Distracted!

Tuesday: Dark, strong, black coffee - just one - gets the day off to a blissful start!

Wednesday: I love it when cherries are in season!

Thursday: Summer Bliss - floating around in the pool on a hot summer's day!

Friday: Walking to the corner store and getting a chocolate popsicle...

Saturday: Seeing your 89 year old Dad perform in a tap dance recital! (accompanied by his instructor)

Seeing he hasn't lost his sense of humour! 

Then later, zen doodling before bed...

Sunday: Clear skies and a radiant Moon = Bliss!

Hope you found incidents of Bliss in your week!

Looking forward to seeing all of your updates! Have a great and creative week!


  1. These are all very special. The one with your dad at his recital really made me smile. I've been wanting to take tap dancing lessons for awhile now ... maybe I should! nancy

  2. You should Nancy!! He started at 87!!

    Why wait till then! ;)

  3. That zen-doodling...I ought to try that sometime...yours are very cool.
    I love your Dad at first sight...now I know where you got some of your cool-ness from! How good looking is he? And chocolate twin-pops! I didn't even know those dinasaurs existed any more!
    I think you caught bliss! I love cherry season too.
    Have a great week Eva!

  4. Lisa, I bet you would be fabulous at zen-doodles! Anything you touch turns to magic!

    I think my Dad is so cool (and handsome) too! And inspiring! And funny! - a rubber chicken - where the heck did he even find it! And he did!

    Hope you have a fantastic week!

  5. Love the zen doodles and your dad! What a fantastic story. Sounds like a good week!

  6. wonderful series of photos. and how great that your dad is still dancing! That last zen doodle is so alive.

  7. Your Zen doodles are really amazing! Well Done! And oh my, if only my dad could be like yours, so full of energy and humor. You're such a lucky girl.

    I'm so happy to have you as "Diary" buddy as well. :D Looking forward to your design.

    Thank you for the wonderful comments of The Holeys. Really appreciate it.

    And as usual, your persistence and determination to practice art every day has my utmost admiration.

    Keep going .... :)


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