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20 June 2010

Sunday Sketching 20June2010 "Planter"

I planted my big planters this week by the pool and chose majesty palms to give it a more tropical feel. Today (when I was inside during the downpour), I discovered some charcoal pencils I forgot I had and so I tried to sketch it with them. 

Here is my little contributions to Sunday Sketching with Sophia at Blue Chair Diary

I look forward to seeing your efforts!

(Boy, charcoals are messy! But they show up so much better than pencils sketches on the scanner!)


  1. I think you did your majesty palms proud! What a fantastic name. It's not one I've heard before but so appropriate for this most regal of plants!

  2. Love your planter sketch! Say....the pool with majesty palms sounds mighty nice to me. When's the party?! :D

  3. Wonderful sketch, I bet the palms are beautiful in person also.

  4. We like the lacey palm and its bugs!

  5. Lovely around the pool! Well done.


  6. Very pretty sketch! I will have to break out my charcoal pencils too, I haven't used them in forever! You're right, they are messy but give a very strong effect :) ~Lauren

  7. Lovely palm!! Charcoal is pretty messy but the effect can be strong and velvet. My art lesson this week has to do with charcoal and i'm ready to deal with the mess :)
    Have a creative week!!

  8. tis the season for planting and watching things grow. This is a sweet drawing Eva. The dragonfly is sweet too.

  9. I love those palms! So summery - great little sketch!


Looking forward to hearing from you!