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06 June 2010

Sunday Sketching 06June2010 "Bliss in the Bathtub"

I was working on this for CED2010's June theme of "Bliss" and thought it would be fun for Sophia at Blue Chair Diary's Sunday Sketches as well!

Now to go and do what is in my sketch! Ahhhhhh........


  1. Hey, that was me last night!!! After my computer died, I needed some me time...and that's exactly what i did! great sketch. I love the colored bubbles....FUN!
    have a great week!

  2. so cute, you make me want to do the same! I love the bubbles.

  3. can't really see it all that clearly but she looks like she is happy

  4. OHhhhhh bubbles! I wouldn't mind a bubble bath today after being on my feet all day!! :) Lovely sketch. SO sorry for the delay in getting by. :)


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