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27 October 2011


Kat Eye View is talking texture in photography in this week's Exploring with a Camera: Found Texture. It made me think of my journal/sketchbook painting I did recently from a photograph of a curious squirrel. The tree trunk bark was very textured  and held hints of moss as well. The squirrel itself had contrasting textures - glossy eyes, wisps of whiskers and sleek fur with individual hair (is a single piece of fur a hair?) strands visible.

Here is my little textured friend...

I LOVE texture!


  1. Oh my, he is scary. It's a great photo but he sares me. Ayeeeeee!!! I like the texture in the tree, awesome.

  2. Wow, glad you said what that was, I wasn't sure if it wasn't a bat, I'm with Gloria he is a tad scary. Love the texture shot, and the addition of the creature is great.

  3. Such great texture, and a wonderful capture of that squirrel! Hmmm... is a single fur a "piece" of fur? I don't know either, it's a great question. Thanks so much for linking in to Exploring with a Camera!

  4. I love this beautiful squirrel beautiful picture.

  5. Fun capture! We have some black squirrels around our area. Not too many, so I especially like seeing them!


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