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19 August 2010

Coffee or Tea with Inspiration Avenue

The theme for this week at Inspiration Avenue's Weekly Challenge is "Coffee or Tea". I love both! But which I drink usually depends on the time of day. I love coffee in the morning but prefer tea any other time. What about you?

This is what I did specifically for the challenge - A Zen-Doodly Coffee:

But I didn't think the brown coffee showed up in contrast well enough, so I added a little watercolour. (Don't think my scanner likes brown.)

The theme also made me think of a few other little creations that I have done - Coffee to Go?:

Or maybe you'd prefer a pot of tea?

Mint Tea?

And a little treat to go with it?

Such a pleasure to have coffee and tea with all the wonderful artists at Inspiration Avenue!!


  1. These are fabulous, Eva! I especially LOVE Zen Doodle!

  2. Fun! Thanks for having me over for a few sips and a nibble :)

  3. I love all of these, Eva! You have to have cake with coffee and tea. I love the zentangly ones!

  4. That icing sure looks yummy... will go down very nicely with a cuppa from a zen teacup!

  5. Eva! You are a star!
    I want you to do the sketch book thing...I put the real link on my side bar. I am planning on collaging alot of the book...with copies of my own art and some new collage with some words...whatever...I can plan all I want, but it never turns out accordingly...that's the fun of it! The book is only 40 pages. I am gluing 2 together so that will be 40 pages total, front and back. C'mon, girlfriend. Out of all the people in the world, I want you to do this with me...I feel you would push me through my insecurities. I love how you can let go, and just do it!
    No pressure though...
    Just think about OUR little books touring the country...and then being kept safe in the Brooklyn Art Library :)
    You are fabulous, Eva, and I am going to lean on you for support, whether you do this with me or not :0

  6. Eva, Great Starbucks piece! I am definitely a coffee person...in the morning and the evening!

  7. I enjoyed your submissions, but my favorite is that whimsical black and white teacup!

  8. Hi Eva, Love your coffee cup doodle and that tea pot is gorgeous what a great idea! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog and in answer to your question my header is a piece that I recently did for illustration Friday, it's a small one on card but I am planning to do more with this style on canvas and was thinking of painting a similar one on a larger canvas. This style is very freeing for me as I normally like to paint faces and lots of detail so this is quite different, I've painted similar styles before with figures and have just hung one in our newly decorated house which depicts my family and I :0) that one was very special to me :0)

  9. I love all of these- you have such a wonderful quality of line in each. BUT, being a Starbucks kinda gal, my fave is of course "Morning Blues"- love that title too!

  10. Thanks eveyone!

    @priti.lisa - You are such a lovely arm-twister, I would be delighted to do that with you!

    @nicola - I'm looking forward to seeing the bigger version!

    @Stephanie Mealor Corder - LOL! Actually it says Morning BLISS but maybe both are accurate - Blues before and bliss after! ;)


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