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25 January 2010

21 Days Does a Habit Make?

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. CED2010 has just finished 24 days so I may be well on my way to a new habit - creating every day! How about you? Have you formed this habit yet?

So far, so good. I am still on track for a new creation every day. And I am:
  • Having fun!
  • Learning - so much!
  • Trying new things
  • More focused on the process than on the results
  • Amazed at the results
  • Seeing some overflow into other areas of my life
  • Still thinking about the theme - BODY
  • Happy I am participating!
Monday: I wrote a blog entry about that challenge and posted my charcoal and pencil experiment then.

Tuesday:  Pondering the theme BODY, "dead body" entered my mind and I thought - "Hmm, how about an Egyptian sarcophagus?" and went as far as to look at images. They were already so ornate that it didn't feel right to try to Zen Doodle one. Then a stormy crime scene entered my mind, and this was the result.

Wednesday: Again thinking about bodies, what are bodies made of? Well, at first I was humming Moby We are all made of Stars (and I may still use that...) but really bodies are made of the DNA that forms our flesh and blood. This is my fanciful attempt to represent a body made of DNA.

Thursday: Relaxing....

Friday: I decided that I wanted to try a new medium. Since I had some pastels around and had years ago tried drawing a poppy from my garden using them and liked the resulting piece well enough to keep it, the next two are body studies using oil pastels.


Sunday: I like the zentangles/Zen Doodles I have done so far. I'm not sure quite what they really are or where they came from or how one is really suppose to draw one but I like doing them. Zen - very appropriate. Do you feel a zen/flow state of mind while creating a zentangle? Here is another one based on the body of Rodin's The Thinker.

These are my creations for every day of last week. I am looking forward to seeing yours!

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  1. Wonderful bodies....I especially like the last one. I haven't been able to create anything yet but am inspired by your art.


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