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11 January 2010

Week 2 CED2010 - Creating Continues!

Are you having fun yet? I am!

I am SO impressed with all of your work!!! What an amazingly creative group of people the CED2010 participants are!

I continue my attempts at creation. By and large I am pleased with the results so far, and with the process. Sometimes ideas come into my head in the middle of the night and talk to me until I have time to create them. Others days are more challenging but so far I have created each day. Thinking of the theme BODY has led in me in interesting directions!





I had never heard of a Zentangle or Zen Doodle before but I have seen a number of them since joining CED2010. Wow!!! Those I have seen by participants are awesome and the process of creating one is fascinating! Here is my first attempt. I had no idea it would turn out like this  - that it would be an egg about to hatch. Very interesting experience! I like them! I think I will do more.




Most importantly, my ulterior motive for participating is starting to kick in. I have also been creating in other ways. I created 2 Mind Maps and a preliminary Powerpoint presentation. The last time I wrote a paper, I was procrastinating terribly and couldn't get started. I finally decided to do a quick version of the presentation that would eventually accompany the paper. It worked tremendously well to clarify my thinking and I finished the 22 pages of my paper without much more procrastination. (Just a lot of work!) So, since the main thing I want to create this year involves extensive writing, I decided to try the same strategy. The Powerpoint has helped and I am clearer about what I want to write.

This year, I also want to create a fitter body (laughing to myself, thinking about the BODY theme) and I exercised 5 times this past week. So that is great!

How is your creativity in CED2010 affecting your personal or professional life?


  1. Hi Eva,

    I love the energy of your Monday piece and the words you paired with it. And your Zentangle is impressive. I would love to learn how to do these. I love to doodle and these are just so beautiful and complex. Happy creating!

  2. Really admire your persistence to work on your art everyday. Love your Wed work on playing with words. Your Zentangles are great! Keep up the good work! :)

  3. HI Eva
    Fantastic that you are keeping the creativity efforts going and exercising! The zentangle looks fantastic and I love the wed drawing on body.
    Have fun, Evelyn

  4. Hi Eva! These are great drawings! I shouldn't be surprised that you have such talents! My favs are the "2 Bodies Relaxing" and the ever-popular Zen Doodle. We gotta talk soon!

  5. Hi Eva, I really love the light and free feeling of your work. Very Pretty.

  6. I love your Zen doodle! It reminds me of drawings I did years ago. Maybe that was Zen knocking on my door. :-) I'll revisit them.

    How wonderful that your creativity is nudging you in the night.

  7. woohoo! i love the way you're embracing the challenge and having so much fun with it! I love the piece with the moon so much!

  8. Thank you all very much for your comments. I appreciate them and I'm enjoying all of your work!


Looking forward to hearing from you!