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30 January 2010

Full Wolf Moon Dreaming

Just after midnight, and the Wolf Moon is full. Finally, we have a clear night and the Moon is shining brightly for me to see, and for us to chat. This always makes me happy.

I am eagerly participarting again (3rd time!) in Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboards. This is the Full Wolf Moon. Jamie says: "January’s full moon has this name because wolves are often heard howling at this time as they seek for food. What are you seeking? What is your heart yearning for?"

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Someone appears to have spiked the water with bubble juice and all my desires appear inside those howled  bubbles. Images seem to come more into my mind to draw rather than jump out of pages of magazines at me to collage. (No doubt I am reading the wrong kind of magazines. Forbes may not be the best choice for this activity!) For this one I tried using pastels instead of watercolour pencils like the last two. I am learning as I go, and I am learning a lot. Since I am also participating in the Creative Every Day 2010 Challenge, I thought I would do a zentangle/Zen Doodle version in my daily drawing book:

I hope the Full Wolf Moon brings you everything your heart is yearning for, and what you are seeking!

Have a great month!!!


  1. I love your dreamboard illustration! Very creative and unique. May all your dreams come true!

  2. How wonderful! I love that you're creating your dreamboard with your art. You've really captured that Full Wolf Moon feeling - may all of your dreams come true!

  3. These are fantastic! I'm smiling from ear to ear -- both drawings are so full of love and joy! Thank you for sharing with us, and may all of your Wolf Moon wishes come true!

  4. Love your dreamboard. You have given it your stamp!
    May all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled this year.

  5. "Howling Bubbles" I love it - I'll never look at bubbles the same way! :) May all your dreams come true.

  6. ~very cute idea...love the bubbles floating around...may all you wish to bring forth in your life come to be...brightest blessings~

  7. love it. may your dreams come true!

  8. hope you had a wonderful full wolf moon! your wolves are very clever!


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