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18 January 2010

Another Week, Another Creation Every Day!

Creative Every Day 2010 continues successfully!

I have been playing around with the January theme of BODY. Silly things, plays on words, come into mind and then make their way into my art book in fashions I don't expect when I start. The unexpected nature of these little creations of mine is surprising and fascinating to me!



Wednesday: Thinking about bodies brought all kinds of shapes, and other aspects, to mind. I thought "hard body" and was going to try to draw a body builder. Once pencil was put to paper, instead of a body that was as hard as rocks, a body built of rocks appeared. Not sure if my attempt to also reflect the Northern Lights worked but I am just learning to use these watercolour pencils I bought. (I am learning so much!)


Friday: While thinking about a Body of Water, I started humming to myself Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay and ended up with this relaxing body/bay.

Saturday: As I was exercised (so far so good there too!), I was thinking about what to try next. So this is my amateur attempt at drawing myself. (My, I look so much fitter there!)

Sunday: I really enjoyed doing the Zentangle/Zen Doodle last week and thought I'd try a variation of that - still with the BODY theme. Da Vinci's "Man" kept coming to my mind - unfortunately not very accurately! I looked at the original mid-way through this and realized the head didn't go all the way to the top of the circle! Oops! Oh, well! It was never meant to be a copy.

The overflow of creativity into other areas of my life was limited this week - a new soup creation (using leftover salmon), and a start of a "startegic planner". (Hey! - that typo seems to make more sense! Hmmm.)

I continue to be so impressed by all the creativity I have seen from this group!! You guys (gals) are awesome!! I check out Leah's update page regularly, and the Flickr page occasionally. So many talented artists! Wow! I am enjoying all your work thoroughly and learning so much.

This week I may try to experiment with other tools - I think I have some pastels and charcoal pencils somewhere. (I wish they came with manuals.) Paints will have to wait for the summer when I can use them outdoors.

What are you going to try this week?

Happy Creating!!


  1. I'm enjoying the "hourglass" and "pear shape" women of yours. It's a clever way to use the shapes. But the Zentangle style Da Vinci man is my favourite. He looked like a well balanced person. Really admire your persistence to create on a daily basis. Well Done! :)

  2. These are great! I love the feet on the hour glass shape. So creative!

  3. Your creations are indeed fascinating..and delightful! Thanks for making me smile!

  4. I love your playing with the idea of body! What fun artwork!

  5. what fabulous creations! love the way you're exploring the theme!


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