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28 February 2010

Purple Orchid Zen Doodlng

Last week was fun with the "reflection" challenge so I'm back with an attempt at "purple" at this week's Inspiration Avenue challenge.

Have purple pen, will travel. This one was done on a plane, in the air with a purple pen and my moleskine journal. Not nearly as elaborate as my last attempt but kind of fun. (BTW, it is much more purple in my journal than it seems to be in this scanned image.)

Thanks for another great challenge. Looking forward to seeing everyone's efforts!


  1. This is cool - I really like pen and ink drawings. Nice line and great patterns :)

  2. I love the elegance of pen and ink drawings. This one is exquisite.

  3. Doodling is so much fun! I love all the patterns in yours...so pretty! :-)

  4. fantastic drawing: I love it!!


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