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01 February 2010

Last Week of BODY Experiments

This was the last week for the CED2010 theme BODY and next week is the start of HOME. It has been lots of fun experimenting with the BODY theme. Lots of silliness, some seriousness and much learning. These are what I tried and created this week.

Monday: I thought I would try to create silhouettes using charcoal and then I added pastels. I stll have a lot to learn. At first I hated this due to my amateurish strokes but it has grown on me. I really like the effect.



Thursday:  Another experiment in pastels. I've enjoyed these pastel body experiments almost as much as the zentangles.

Friday:  Another creation this week was my Full Wolf Moon Dreamboard. After completing it, I thought it would be fun to create a version of it in my CED2010 book as well.

Saturday:  All month I have been thinking about the theme and the word BODY, playing with variations of the word. I decided not to explore the bodies of too many other animals or vehicles but one that kept coming back was trees. After Wednesday's pastel (which turned out to be the tree pose in yoga) and Leah's recent post on Tree Bodies, with her lovely artwork, I decided to do my own version using pastels and water colours.

Sunday:  A last zentangle/Zen Doodle of one of my favourite little bodies. He looks a bit more mischievous than he really is but it was fun to do!

Thanks Leah for a great month! Many thanks to all of you who have posted comments to my little blog! I really appreciate them! This has been an excellent learning experience so far. I have tried new tools - pencil, ink, charoal, watercolour pencils and watercolours, and a couple of kinds of pastels. I have a long way to go to be skillful in using them but, as with everything else in life, that comes with practice. I am also learning that creating this one habit - creating every day - is spilling over to creating other habits. I have been working on creating a fit body and I was successful in exercising 5 times a week, each week this month. Not quite a daily habit but I think that would be impossible for me while this has been achievable. Although the theme is shifting, that part of my focus won't.

What about you - what did you learn this month? And what was your favourite experiment? Did you create any other new habits?

Have a creative week! I'm looking forward to seeing your efforts!
All the best,


  1. You're amazing to work so diligently on your art! Bravo! And love the different little quirkiness in your sketches. It makes the viewing an enjoyable experience. More interestingly, is your tree man. I was working on a drawing of trees the other day! Well Done and Keep Going. Will come back for more or your daily art. :)

  2. Great experiments, I love the zen doodle.

  3. Hi Eva
    Fantastic that you are doing something creative everyday and exercising. Keep it up :).

    Re yr question about the ants... I drew them digitally (in Illustrator paint brush)

    Have a nice weekend, Ev


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