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15 February 2010

Thank Goodness for the Eraser! Or - Will I ever Learn to Draw a Straight Line?

The HOME theme continues, so I decided to sketch mine, from a variety of perspectives. I don't think I can draw a straight line even if my life depended on it! But try I did. They are not terribly exciting and appear a bit faint due to my "tentative" sketching technique but they are a bit clearer if clicked on. It was an interesting experiment and I'm still on track with CED2010. How about you? My Creative Every Day this week's efforts were:

Monday: Front and East.

Tuesday: North Side.

Wednesday: South Side.

Thursday: Back and West.

Friday: Overhead.

Saturday: Overhead including more of the lot.

Sunday: And now for something completely different! The sketching was interesting but much of the other experiments I have done have been much more fun. I like the fun ones. So for Valentines Day, this is my fun one: HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. A message many of you have displayed in other creative ways. I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! 

In addition this week, I also did a couple of other little experiments. I went to the art store. (LOVE going to the art store even if I don't know what half of the conttents are for.) I came away with black pastel paper, so here is my first effort. One of my orchids looks almost like a toad lily with variegated purple and mauve smudges and splots. (Deliberate misspelling unless that is really a word.)

At the office supply store I found blank cards, so I made Valentine's cards for my family - first time since I was a litle kid! One of them opened upside down though - oops! Oh well, it was still appreciated!

I also managed to continue with my "creating a fit body" theme and exercised 5x this week again. And I finshed a great new interview for a series I am working on, so I have been very happy about that.

How was your week?

I am looking forward to seeing all the great new creations as you post to Leah's Mister Linky!!!! Now what a great creation THAT was!


  1. your sketches are really nice..like the contrasts between the color and pencil sketches

  2. I so admire your effort to keep CED at heart. Bravo! The Valentine home theme is so cute. Who could resist such whimsical drawings? Again you wowed us with your artwork. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. Great idea to sketch your home,I like all the differant angles.I like your hearts they look so alive.

  4. Your flower picture is charming! And your valentine cards are lovely. Hope your creative juices keep flowing!

  5. Hi Eva! Looks like you have a very nice home! Well done on all your creative work this week, I wish I could do more of it sometimes. Love your pretty flower :-)


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