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08 February 2010

Visiting Unusual Homes this Week!

A new theme for CED2010 started this month - HOME! But I haven't quite left BODY behind. I am working on creating a fit body, and so far, am still on track. (Though progress never seems to go as fast as I'd like!) I exercised 5 times again this week and finally got some medical tests done that I have been procrastinating terribly on. Just normal course type tests but I put the requisitions in a "safe place" and it was a bit too safe as it took me quite some time to find them again! Have you ever had that happen? Those "safe places" can be dangerous! Now the tests are done and hopefully my doctor will talk to me when I next need to call.

This week I started to explore the theme HOME - starting with unusual homes mostly in nature. I continue to try to get better with a variety of tools - ink, watercolours and pastels. I'm still starting with a pencil sketch. Wonder if I'll develop the skill and confidence to do without that stage. Or is better to keep that stage? I was also playing around with markers in a different book this week. Interesting! Boy, do they ever leak through the page on to the next one! Maybe I'll post some of those eventually.


Tuesday:  I quite like how this wasp's nest turned out. I think waterolours were the right medium for the delicate nature of the nest.


Thursday:  Tried pastels again.


Saturday:  I love this turtle zen doodle!

Sunday:  Playing with letters again - making them into a variety of unusual homes.

I am also working on creating a clean, tidy and less cluttered home. In addition to the usual chores I pick a room or two to focus on for each month. Last month it was the living room and this month it is the upstairs bathroom and under the basement stairs. I've started cleaning shelves and drawers in the bathroom and did a few in the kitchen as well. Breaking things down into very small (manageable) tasks works for me. What works for you?

I also started to create a new interview for an interview series I am working on. Yay!!! I'd been a bit stuck on these the past few months and I am pleased with how this new one is progressing.

I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing all of your efforts over the past week! Hope you had a good one and best wishes for a great creative week this week!



  1. Oh, I love this. Homes in nature. Makes me smile and then, impressed by your drawing abilities. I started a drawing class and haven't had much time to work on it. :(

    LOVE what you have done here!

  2. Hi EVA, Festive homes! Cool way to explore the word home!

  3. What a great idea to focus on animal homes! Your drawings are lovely. I'm also working on getting rid of clutter and reorganizing my spaces. It's amazing how moving a few things around (or out) can totally change an environment.

  4. Such a creative interpretation of the theme! Very clever and well done! nancy

  5. I especially like your last drawing using the letters and various forms of homes. Very clever.

  6. These are great! What a lovely interpretation of the theme. I especially love the pattern on the snail's shell.

  7. I love how you are exploring animal homes, what a great idea!

  8. Hi Eva,

    Thanks for your well wishes. What an interesting approach to the home theme--to complete get outside of yourself and explore other types of home. And I like your approach to clutter. I've been trying to figure out how to do the same. Maybe I'll follow your lead.


Looking forward to hearing from you!