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15 October 2010


The theme this week at Inspiration Avenue is PINK. Great theme, Shel! Definitely inspiring for me! So far I did all my little creations this week with that theme in mind. Now, to chose which to submit!

Monday's zen doodle?

Or Tuesday's sketch?

Or Wednesday's "girl with the funny hat"?

Or Thursday's butterfly?

I'm leaning towards Monday or Thursday. What about you? Wonder which Shel will pick to use as my entry?  

Looking forward to seeing your pink productions on Sunday!


  1. Another great zendoodle! I also love the pink kitty...

  2. Love the zentangle and each of the doodles are fabulous in their own right- but my fave is the lady with the big hat!

  3. The Zen doodle is my favourite but I love the girl in the hat too - she made me smile :) I really want to see which one Shel will pick now!

  4. I am SO in awe of that zentangle. It and the butterfly have my vote, but the zentangle is the best! I don't make these, so I was really impressed with your design. Beautiful and so very much on point for this challenge.

  5. these are just delightful, love each one!

  6. Eva I like ALL of these, especially the way you incorporated the pink ribbon.


Looking forward to hearing from you!