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17 October 2010

Sunday Sketching 17Oct2010 SBP The Squirrel and St. Anthony

My Sunday Sketches continue to be focused on The Sketchbook Project. Still a lot of pages to go and not that many weeks! Yikes!!

I was having dinner with my friend Ann this week, telling her of this project, my efforts to date and my challenging "I'm sorry I forgot you" theme. She had just been lamenting the fact that her efforts at planting tulips were already being sabotaged by squirrels. She took both conversations, put them together and came up with this thought! Thank you, Ann, for helping me fill another spread with this great idea!! 

Both of these are painted as I am sketching every second spread and gessoing the ones in between so the ink doesn't show through the pages. Thinking about forgotten and missing items, I came up with this partially collaged idea about Saint Anthony - Patron Saint of Lost and Missing Things. 

Seven pages down, thirty-two or thirty-three to go! What a challenge! (Is anyone cutting out pages??) It is great to have my friend Lisa as my Sketchbook buddy, and Sunday Sketching as a place to post updates and all the great participants here to help and encourage me to keep going! 

Thank you so much!!!


  1. I love the squirrel idea. Words are so amazing when we let them guide, teach and reveal life to us. I wish you the best each page of the way, that is a big challenge. Lovely to see what you are doing.

  2. Wonderful concept. These sketchbook projects are amazing. What a lesson about sharing and how that nutures creativity. I especially love the collage ide on the second page.

  3. You're doing so well. I didn't know squirrels liked tulips! Hope they don't eat mine...

  4. Your squirrel is very cute, your friend Ann had indeed a great idea!!
    Hope you'll be in time with your project!!
    Keep going!!

  5. @WrightStuff - Squirrels LOVE to eat tulip bulbs Lisa!! They are not fond of daffodils or alliums though!

    Hope yours are safe from those pesky squirrels!

  6. nice. i love squirrels so...and the collage looks like agreat start....

  7. how cute! but i'm sorry to hear about the poor tulip bulbs!

  8. Oh these are great. Yes, those silly squirrels have eaten all of our pumpkins...a bite here and a bite there. also, i love the St. Anthony idea, too! How perfect. hope you are enjoying your sunday.

  9. Awww such a cute page but I'm sure they can be a annoying too! ;0)

  10. Oooh those cheeky squirrels!
    And St. Anthony is perfect for your theme!

    2 more great ideas - you keep doing it :)

  11. Hi, great sketch. I love this theme. I have to say I am not cutting out pages but I am putting some together to make them thicker.

  12. Hi Eva
    Looks like the sketchbook project is keeping you busy and creative - love your ideas. and gessoing is a good idea. Never thought of that, just gave away 2 books which had papers I felt was too thin. Yet another meme to check out: Sunday Sketching seems fun. Hope I remember the coming Sunday. Thanks, Evelyn

  13. You are seriously on a roll, girl. I really like this week's set of sketches. Keep it up!! Hugs! :)

  14. EVA! That squirrel! I need to post him on my blog (with acredit to you, of course) Sooo true to my life.
    And St. Anthony, are we soul sisters???


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