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01 July 2011

ICAD - Monday Challenge and others not yet posted...

Daisy Yellow added a "Monday Challenge" for ICAD to create the alphabet in block letters. Here is my messy version (boy, did the orange pen ever mix and run into the black!)

Playing with pens...

Playing with watercolour pens (I am undecided as to whether I like them or not)...

Playing with Sharpies...


Pen, highlighter and pencils...

What is your bright idea for today?

And here is a collage of my ICAD project for June.

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 So far, I'm keeping at it! How are you doing? Having fun?


  1. Sharpie sharp teeth - love it! It is so fun to see all of them together in a collage :)

    Are you going to continue beyond June?


  2. Wonderful! Love to see them all together in the collage like that. :)Happy Canada day to you. :)

  3. You are so productive. I thought I was keeping up until I took a look back and saw just how many days I had missed. I love your use of different materials for drawing and the. Collage is so colourful.

  4. dear Eva,
    love these little index cards sketches paintings...they are so cool. thanks for visiting. take care, gerri

  5. I really like that second pink doodle. I haven't been keeping up with it too much!


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