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14 July 2011

ICAD - Playing with Watercolour Crayons etc.

This week I continued my index cards for my ICAD project and played with my Neocolour watercolour crayons.

Koi - with pens and acrylic background

Pears growing on my pear tree...

My Clematis...

A duck playing in puddles...

Octopus cheerleader...

Playing with crayons...

Zen Doodle

And those were my ICADs for this week.  A few days I wondered if I'd keep it up, but I did! How are you doing?


  1. I love them! I can honestly say I don't know what N ICAD is. When I leave here I will look it up find out about it. Great pieces. Have a great weekend.

  2. The watercolor effects are so lovely! Your octopus and duck are super cute!!!

  3. I have no idea what ICAD stands for but your work with those wonderful watercolor crayons is delightful.

  4. Love that black and white doodle!


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