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05 July 2010

Garden Inspirations

Wow! Another busy week! It started out incredibly chilly for this time of year and ended up absolutely gorgeous!

I kept up my CED2010 activities though and am now more than half way though a so far successful year. I took a bit of time to reflect on this in my last post. And I continue....

Monday: My pear tree has more fruit than ever this year. So neat to see the little pears growing!

Tuesday: I bought this great patio cherry tomato plant and it has been prolific! Yum!

Wednesday: Last week, while doodling, a cute little girl with a fan hat emerged. I decided to try a few others like her!

Happy Canada Day aka Thursday: Best wishes to all of my fellow Canadians! (Possibly the worst doodle I have yet done - not good to work at 1am after celebrating!)

Friday: My jackmanii clematis - painted blossom

Saturday: Pastel version of same jackmanii blossom

Happy Independence Day! aka Sunday: Hope all of you in the States had a great day!

So this was my week. I also created a few new recipes - a variation on a coffee cake, several salads. I worked on my garden - attacking the endless weeds. (They are still winning but I made some progress.) Finished edging, weeding and mulching one bed, started several others. Planted a few more plants bought but not yet planted. But the rest will have to wait, it's back to work now.

Hope you have a great creative week! As always, I look forward to seeing your efforts!


  1. You have been creatively very busy!
    Looks you have had a good week!

  2. What a wonderful, creative week! I love your doodles. Happy belated Canadian Day too!

  3. Hi EVA, What a wonderful, living creative week! I particularly like that fan hat!

  4. Love your cute little girl doodles, theyre so sweet!

  5. Yes, I like those cute little girls too. It's fun to see your daily creations!

  6. Very productive week indeed!
    I love seeing your pictures of your garden :)
    Cake and salads and art!!!

  7. I really like the little girls and the fruit looks good enough to eat! Have a great week


  8. Salute to a the fellow blogger / creative who continue to create everyday. :D


Looking forward to hearing from you!