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12 July 2010

On to Book #3 for CED2010

I finished Book #2 for CED2010 this week! Wow - I can hardly believe it!

So I went shopping for a new blank book to continue my efforts in. It is amazingly hard to find a "pretty" blank book in this city. Lots of lined ones with artsy covers, lots of black covered sketch books from the art stores. I finally found one that I liked but I was beginning to wonder if I would! (Note to self - keep an eye out for blank books when I am travelling!)

So I have gone from Tiffany to Rodin to Miro!

Monday: Since people seemed to like these little figures, I thought I'd try another one. Thank you all for the encouragement! I am finding them fun and they always make me smile when I'm done.


Wednesday: Sitting on the power lines about 40 feet from me while I was reading, was this young cardinal - singing his heart out in the wide open air! We have a number of cardinals in the neighborhood but rarely do they show themselves like this. Usually they sing in the trees and one can only catch glimpses. Beautiful! 

Thursday: I have grape vines growing over a small pergola on one side of my deck and there are so many grapes this year! They are Concords - so grape jelly rather than wine grapes - and have another month or two to go until they are full size and the deep purple they will become. But they are so petty hanging over my head while I sit and create in their shade.

Friday: First zen doodle in the new book!

Saturday: One of my clematis flowers...

Sunday: A pretty butterfly loved my purple liatris! Pastels may not have been the ideal media to capture this though.... 

When I was shopping for blank books I had a few other ideas in the back of my mind for some themed art journals I wanted to try. One of which would be focused on quotes and conversations. When I saw this, I knew it was the one for that! 

Hope all of you have a great creative week! Do you find it harder or easier to create in the summer?


  1. I find my schedule is very wonky, so I have to adjust and create differently. I have my kids underfoot all the time with THEIR hectic schedules (and in my daughters case, hormonal-ness!) so yes, I am challenged.

    I would say - I have a harder time FINISHING things (as I mention in my post this week!)

    I love what you've done here - the first image resonates with me the most. I feel like I am her and she is me AND I am a big fan of Einstein, so that gave me quite a giggle.

    My CED2010 for this week.

  2. Hi Eva,

    I love your monday girl and your zen doodles always grab me. This is such a great idea! I do find it harder to create during the summer because all the kids are home from school. I think Fall is my favorite time to create.

    The flowers are lovely too.


  3. Julie and Julia (LOL),

    Having the kids around all summer is distracting and challenging! Even when they are finished high school they seem to think Mom's time is theirs whenever they want it!

    I used to like waiting as they did their activities when they were younger. I wasn't acting "creatively" at that time but it was good for reading or thinking as I sat somewhere for an hour while they went for one lesson or another.

    I too find summers more hectic. It is kids home, travelling, sometimes tiring heat and all the outdoor chores that call my name (but go to sleep in the winter). ("Weed me, water me, trim me, cut me. Haha - I can grow faster than you can keep up!")

  4. I actually find summer more creative in some ways. For us, lots of travel and "input" and sunshine. I have a less structured morning (since I work afternoons and evenings) when I don't have to get my son to school. I have longer in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up for my time, since I always wake up first!

  5. I love what you've created, your Monday girl is adorable. Have fun with your new book!

  6. Enjoying your artwork and you continue to amaze us with your persistence! Well Done! Also loving the zen doodle and the cute girl. More pls .... ;)


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