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19 July 2010

New Techniques and Tools

An interesting week, art and creativity wise! Do you ever feel a thrill when you try something new and you like the results?  I'm feeling that way at the moment and you'll see more on the little experiments/creations near the end of the week.

Monday: I started the week doing another version of the people with funny hats, adding a boy to the previous renditions of girls.

Tuesday: I worked on the cover for a new travel journal that I had decided to create and was thinking about the CED2010 theme for this month "Life" (more on that in the post about the travel journal) and Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge of "books". The little CED2010 voice in my head said "You're not done yet - you may have created the journal cover but there is nothing in your book!" So I took out my frivolous little sparkly watercolours and thought about "life".

Wednesday: Today felt very good as I finally managed to make progress writing something I have been procrastinating on. It's not finished but it is now better than started. I was sitting under my grapevine (again) and the underside of the leaves inspired this zen doodle.

Thursday: My daughter had been wanting to see the new POP exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada and it is open late on Thursdays so away we went. After seeing that exhibit, we wandered through a few others and I was enchanted by a piece by David Merritt. A fascinating 4x12 foot pencil on paper creation, I could have looked at it for hours. It started at one point (with the word "hey") and was a series of flowing lines of differing lengths that ended in other words (related to " hey" - like "you" or "Jude" etc).  The idea of starting at one point and drawing out from there really captured my attention and I thought I'd try it...

Friday: Next version...

Saturday: I'd had some challenges gluing down my travel journal cover and the very talented and knowledgeable Roz synchronistically wrote about glue. She recommended purple UHU glue and so I went looking for some. Finally I found some at Michael's after going to two fancy art supply stores. At the second one, I had a shopping accident and bought some watercolour crayons. I just had to try them and my Stargazer Lily looked like a perfect subject to try to capture!

Sunday: Despite the new crayons, (fun as they are!) I wanted to try another line drawing and thought it would be great for Sophia's Sunday Sketches. On a larger sketch pad I did one of a bird/crow/raven - starting from his beak. (Noses seem to make good starting points so far) Then I accidentally rotated it and I'm not sure which version I like it best! I'm intrigued that position seems irrelevant!

But as I was trying to sleep, the voice said "What about your CED2010 book? Nothing is in it for today!?" So up I got and out came this doodle! (Unfortunately sleep still didn't come for awhile, so I'm a bit tired this morning, sigh.) 

That was my week. I look forward to hearing all about yours!

Best wishes for a very creative and productive week this week! I will be travelling, so that means it will be more challenging than usual but I'm bringing my little sketchpad with me. (The CED2010 book is bigger/heavier than I like for travelling.) 


  1. How great that you're trying new things and getting inspiration from other artists. I like your Sunday sketches.

  2. Creativity is so great. It is my life too. I like your creativity week. I am painting through synesthesia which makes me see colors when I hear a name or a number. Colors are my life.

  3. Wow, your new line drawing pix are so beautiful! They are really floating! Well Done! And talking about synchronicity ... I have been trying something new as well. Hop over and have a look.

    Last but not least, you're doing so well with CED. Keep going! :D


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