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01 July 2010

Halfway? 6 Months of CED2010


Today is our national holiday! Happy Birthday Canada!

It has now been 6 months that I have been participating in CED2010 and creating something new every day. So I thought I might take a bit of time to reflect today. Any journey --whether into creativity, a major project or a big trip-- starts with a single action, a single step. And that is how I started:

There is now a little creation for everyday of 2010 in my CED2010 blank books. I have finished one book and almost finished the second.

Only 9 pages left to go on #2! It would be finished except for the fact that I don't take it when I travel and instead do my little creations on a sketchpad. I must start shopping for #3!

So what have I learned?
  • I am creative after all! I had my doubts before starting this.
  • Experimentation is fun!
  • Doing little things first is giving me the courage to try bigger things.
  • There are SO MANY talented people out there in Blogland! You WOW me every day even if I don't often comment.
  • You are such a great supportive community!
  • It is possible to do something creative every day.
  • Smaller is often easier, at least for my schedule.
  • I (still) can't draw a straight line free hand.
  • I (still) doubt I will make it successfully through the 2010 challenge but hey, I'm halfway there. That is something to cheer about! YAY!!!
  • Trying different media is very cool - there are things I love (and dislike) about each of them. Here are a few of my favourites:
  • Pastel:
  • Watercolour pencils:

  • Pastel Pencils:
  • Paints:
  • Pencil sketch:

  • Other: This is the only dot image I've done but I liked it!
  • And last but far from least - something I'd never even heard of or seen before starting this journey - my Zen Doodles (very tough choice, I like so many of these!)
For Canada Day we are going to a friend's who lives on the Ottawa River on a great beach! Unfortunately it is very cool here today. Too cool for me to swim. Too bad. 
I made Rhubarb Mooncake to take and created a new version of it Rhubarb and Blueberries with whole wheat flour instead of white flour. It may be a disaster. We shall see later!

Must run!

More reflections perhaps later.


  1. Oh, Eva. So many congrats are in order! Excellent art, my love! (This is the perfect post from a CED2010 friend for me to discover right at this exact moment! THANK YOU!

    You have grown so much!

    My final Bliss post from June for CED2010

  2. Cake is never a disaster! I always use ww flour when I bake too. And if nobody likes it...more for me :D
    I am proud of you for keeping up on your challenge...you have showcased some of my favorites.
    Happy Canada Day!

  3. Yes, you ARE creative - and it's great when you comment so that others can find you too and BRAVO you! Yay you!


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