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02 August 2010

Back on Track?

Last week totally got away from me!! I only just posted my creative endeavours for the previous week before I started writing this. It has been a beautiful long weekend here and the outdoors beckons - after I help one daughter create a presentation, this is.... 

Hope you had a great week, I'm looking forward to getting caught up on all your efforts over the past two weeks. Here are mine from last week:




Thursday: At some point with each of my CED2010 books, I try to create my version of the cover of the book. Here I try to channel my inner Miro. Not sure I was very effective....

My version:

Real cover:



Sunday: August's theme is FIRE! So this one has that in mind:

Have a fun and creative week everyone!!


  1. I love Miro too! Your fire picture is fun....I thought of that song too when the theme was announced.

  2. I happen to like YOUR version better, I hope it's ok to say that :)
    I just found a fluffy feather like you drew...I can't imagine what bird left it behind...it's white.
    Have a great week, Eva.


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