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16 August 2010

Life in the Garden and continuing Fire Creations

Another week, another seven little creations! Some days it is so hard to continue CED2010. My mind is numb. I don't want to open my CED2010 book. Finding the time is a challenge. Finding inspiration even harder! Some things I create feel so pedantic and ordinary (and they are) but I tell myself "I am doing something, maybe brilliance will eventually come". Or not. But continue I do...

What about you? Here are my little efforts:

Monday: Zen-doodling fire...

Tuesday: still thinking about the FIRE theme... Rocket Fire!

Wednesday: Running low on FIRE ideas, my focus changed to my garden and this thief!! The squirrels stole ALL my apples before they ripened and now they are after the pears!! I finally picked them all green and am hoping that they will ripen indoors. One did and it was delicious!

Thursday: Several birds love to serenade me and one of their favourite spots is on the electric wires. Today it was a mourning dove. I am always very appreciative! (Except for the crows - not so appreciative.)

Friday: The bees sure love these flowers - they go all the way inside!

Saturday: Another person with a funny hat...

Sunday: Definitely have the FIRE theme on my mind here. Where does your fire burn? Do ideas set your mind on fire? Or is your heart aflame? Or is there a fire in your belly?

So that was my week. Tell me about yours? Did your fire burn with creativity?


  1. Oh Eva, it is so nice to hear you are struggling...me too! Sometimes it's nice to be in the same boat with a friend. I like how you push through...me too!
    You are a shiny person, Eva, keep it up girlfriend.

  2. Hi Eva, I always like your take on the themes. And I think sometimes the most beautiful things are ordinary.


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