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09 August 2010


FIRE! is this month's theme at CED2010 and I tried to relate my little creations this week to that theme, if only in some small way.

Monday: Zen doodling with Fire on my mind...

Tuesday: Trying my pastels again...

Wednesday: "The Fire Creator"


Friday: As I drive to work in the mornings lately, I have been passing by a growing sea of fire - well, actually a field of sunflowers! So today my daughter and I went to investigate that field in more detail:


Sunday: Yuri loves fire!! mmm so warmmmm.....

So this was my week! I also created some journal pages and a new layout for this blog. I love books so I thought the background was cool but I'm not sure if it has enough colour to it. It may be time for a new header. Maybe that will be something to create this week?

Did you have a good week or are summer and vacations interrupting your creativity? Hope you have a fun creative week ahead!


  1. I like your ZENtangle as WELL!
    Thanks for stopping by :)
    The tags are from Studios Blackbird and are 4"x8" natural tags.

  2. Fun! Love how you related the fire theme to your work this week. Cheers! Loving the zentangles

  3. What fun ways to interpret the fire theme!

    Summer is great for my creativity - long daylight hours mean long hours at the easel.

  4. I love the new background, very colorful!
    And I swear, I have to try that zen doodling...yours are so fun!

  5. Love your new look! And I'm head over heel in love with your little fire creator. Have a feeling that she is up to some mischief. Can see that your art is going strong. Fantastic! Well Done! ;D

  6. Wow! good for you for creating every day, how do you do it, lol?
    I must say, I love the background of your blog, it makes me happy :-)
    I was reading about you taking the journaling challenge, I'm in one of Connie's classes, and have yet to do a single journal page. I feel so bad, but there is so much to do I just can't find time to journal on top of it all. It never ends, eh? :-D



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