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23 August 2010

Sketching Faces

This week I ran out of FIRE ideas for CED2010 and started the week doodling. Then I thought I would like to try to sketch faces so the rest of the week was inspired by a few magazine covers. My scanner doesn't like pencil and my confidence sketching isn't too high so the lines are faint but if you double-click on any image it does become clearer!

Monday: I guess I was thinking of faces early in the week too as this zen doodle turned into this ugly mug!


Any guesses as to who these next five lovely ladies are? I'd be shocked if anyone figured them out (but immensely pleased if my efforts made them the least bite recognizable)! Guesses anyone?






These were my little creations every day! I also participated in Inspiration Avenue's Weekly Challenge and Blue Chair Diary's Sunday Sketches  this week. I am looking forward to seeing your efforts!

I hope you have a great week! 


  1. These faces are OUTSTANDING!! I know what you mean about scanning the pencil drawings, drives me nuts. But yours worked well! I like those zentangles at the top too! So fun :D

  2. Hi Eva, What fun! I'm enjoying looking at your week's work. OK, I'm going to say Wednesday has an Angelina Jolie sort of look....l'll admit that I'm not up on all the beautiful people these days. But, each face does look familiar.

    And, I like your wonderful patterns and shapes in your zen doodle!

  3. Great work! Your zen doodles continue to amaze me while I'm enjoying your girls, especially their smiles. You capture them well. Keep creating!

    And really appreciate your wonderful comments of my girls. THANKS!

  4. I thought the first 3 were Charlie's Angels...the Angels from the 70's. Kate, Farrah and Jacqueline.
    But then who would the other two be???
    You and your Daughter!!!

    I think I get an A! Yay!

    I really like the sunflowers being photographed
    drawing, it is REALLY good!
    I love the graphite and then the color in the flowers only...gorgeous :)

  5. LOL! Lisa - LOL! I can see it - but - um, no. None of the above.

    Peggy guessed right for Wednesday!

    Angelina Jolie off the cover of my daughter's latest Vanity Fair! (With a serious bit of Photoshop editing and airbrushing imho.)

    The other four were in a movie together and were on the cover of an issue of Vogue.

    Thanks for all your comments!

  6. Hi Eva! Great sketches, loving all your latest work! The other four girls....could they be the SATC girls by any chance? ;-)

  7. @ Annette Q - LOL - No they aren't BUT I think my Friday drawing looks WAY more like Charlotte than the actress it really is!



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