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23 January 2011

After one late night too many of Porky's dueling banjo....

Farmer Brown said "Enough is enough"!!

Painted Sketch

Initial Pencil Sketch

Kristin recently introduced us to the Dueling Banjo Pigs blog (amazing illustrations - funny, witty and way better than my meager attempt) and since then thoughts of a pig playing the banjo has been invading my brain. (Bizarre) And this is what came to mind. A bit macabre. Am I sick or what?? 

I'm off to see what everyone has done for this week's Sunday Sketching with Sophia at Blue Chair Diary! Have a great day!


  1. Ha! This is fantastic!!! Too too funny :)


  2. Hee hee too funny!!!! I love where these ideas take you!!!! :0)

    Hope my box arrives safely to you soon!!!! xoxo

  3. oh no....i just had pork loin at lunch! YIKES... i love your creativity! must check out this website. good stuff, happy sunday!!! xxoo

  4. duelling banjo pigs...lol...lol, nice sketch!

  5. witty sketch and you even included the apples!

  6. Very funny, you just have to smile at pigs, especially when they have a banjo.

  7. Great idea and cute sketch, I can just picture the pig with his banjo!


  8. LOL! What will be next?
    I absolutely love your imagination and if you weren't my friend, I'd be more jealous...
    Piggy is awesome...can't wait til he meets the giraffe with the purple scarf!
    PS: Tuesday is the day I will accept your gracious award...promise :)

  9. OMG! Hilarious! I was wondering why I was seeing multiple pig illustrations...thought I was having deja vu or something...hahaa. Thanks for including the link to that blog-it is freaking hilarious

  10. Hi Eva! I love your pig with the banjo. Very Cute. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. You asked about a circle journal. We met so many nice people at Artfest this year. That we thought that we would keep an circle journal swap going so we can keep in touch. So It has been a great experience. There are 10 of us so it has been so much fun looking and adding to everyones journals.


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