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04 January 2011

New Year, New Word

2011 - New Year, New Word

A few years ago I came across the concept of the "Word of the Year" instead of doing the usual New Year's Resolutions. I liked that idea. A theme for the year or, for some, an intention. Last year I chose CREATE and had my most creative year ever. If you took the average of all my previous years' efforts as a norm and then took last year, it is as if I lived a millennium in 2010 I did so many creations!

So after such a great word, what next? I really liked EMERGE but while I do need, and want, to overcome my tendency to hibernate, it wasn't quite right. I loved EXPLORE but it was too passive, not action or accomplishment oriented enough. EXPERIMENT enticed me. EXECUTE was good - very results oriented but not quite right. Together I liked them even more - like a motto - the four Es:

But they weren't the word for this new year. Then I was reading something and the word PROPEL leapt out at me and I knew that was it. PROPEL.  Make arrive at a certain situation or result. Stir to action. Motivate. Move forward.

I haven't stopped CREATing though and I knew the theme for Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesdays was "New Year", so I got out my pencil, paints and new art journal and tried to put an image to my word and motto and it make it come more alive!

It will be a great year!


  1. Propel...I like it. A real action word.

    My word for this year has to be "Freedom"

    Happy 2011. Looking forward to sharing on CED.


  2. Hey, I think propel is a great word to take us to a New Year. I really like your thinking and perception... This will be an exciting year of creativity for you, and I hope you will keep sharing along the way.

    Happy New Year~

  3. What a fantastic word! I may have to borrow it form time to time!
    I love your rocket propelling through time and space, wonderful idea! Can't wait to find out what "out of this world" events happen in your 2011 :)

  4. Eva,
    I like your new word. Glad to have had the same word as you last year.
    Keep on creating! Only you can create your things.

  5. Hi
    I like Propel, it's got energy. Good for you - what a great illustration too to start the New Year....I hope you can Propel up to your dreams!
    thanks for your blog friendship!
    ps - just saw the windmill background- you are so creative

  6. Excellent! :) (thought you needed another 'e' word!)

    What great goals..seriously. I've seen several similar ones around the blogs...one word goals seem very powerful. And the drawing is great...perfect for your theme!

  7. I love your way of thinking and your positive attitude! The drawings are just right - the snowman rocks! nancy

  8. What an awesome word and I love the image you came up to embrace it. I love the idea of a single word for a year but as I've been thinking I just can't figure it out for myself. I'm leaning towards "live" since it embraces so much.

  9. Eva--
    I really like the world of the year concept! And your image just captures the dynamism of the word too.

    I think I need a word of the year. And I think mine will be WRITE.
    Thank you!

  10. wonderful word, Eva. You sure gave it a lot of thought, hope it works for you this year! Nice sketch too.

  11. Great thought provoking post. 'Create' was a word that definitely worked for you in 2010- you did fantastic to create every day.

    I'm liking 'propel' and the accompanying drawing is brilliant. I look forward to seeing where 'propel' takes you this year.

    Maybe you could frame this and put it on your wall during 2011.

    You've got me thinking about my word for this year....

    Kat X

  12. what a great idea - a word for the year. i love your choice and some of the ones that didn't make the cut! i hope 2011 is full of propollsion!! :)

  13. Get idea and I like how you illustrated it. Happy New Year. Yes it will be a good one. I am hoping to propel my foot onto the sewing machine pedal and get a quilt made. Blessings

  14. I absolutely love, love, love this piece, Eva adn LOVED your post about it. The whole concpet of a word for the year so intrgues me. Waht a brillinat idea. I wan tto pos ton this one of these days. That is amazing. Love how last year was more creative for you with "create" so am wondering what propel will do for you then? Will be VERY intriguing.

    your style of art is fresh, resonates to me somehow. thank you for join in Creative Teusdays. See you around on the other participant posts too, no doubt. How fun to have you join in for New Year. Thank you so much.

  15. I am embarrassed to be here. I should be finishing the email...
    Eva, I get interrupted so much...so often and ONLY when I am doing something important to me. (I guess otherwise it wouldn't be an interruption) I can not seem to finish my email to you, which I was...trying my hardest to relate my feelings...arrrgh I will send it off tomorrow half-baked...I can't get into my mail again at 11:00...
    I have to make sure to tell you...how utterly fantastic you are...xox

  16. Very good work Eva! Propel! Go for it!

  17. I've heard of that "Word of the Year" before too. It can only be a good thing to start off with a strong incentive.
    Thanks for visiting my Kat Piks blog. You might also like my main blog, Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes where I share my poetry. http://hyggedigter.blogspot.com

  18. P.S. We're in the same province in Canada!


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