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22 January 2011

THANK YOU! I am so flattered and appreciative!

This week two wonderful artists and bloggers, JA of Providential Egg and Kristin Dudish, my soon-to be partner in crime creativity (stay tuned - what we're planning will be fun!), presented me with the 

I was SO surprised!! Thank you both very much!! I have seen this meme circulate but I didn't expect it to find it's way here! Wow! 

As I understand it, everything is optional. I can tell you 7 things about myself and then pass the award on to 7 (or 15??) other people and even on that I'm free to do what I choose (as are you). This is great as....

  • The first thing about me is that I hate receiving chainmail. I cringe. I don't even open an email if it hints of that. I often feel bad when friends send me such a thing as I SO wish they hadn't.  I'm feeling a bit hypocritical at the moment (something I  also strongly dislike in myself) as blog awards seem to have that feel about them. BUT because of the totally optional aspect of this (and as they say, because flattery will get you everywhere, haha) I will thankfully accept it and pass it on with the understanding it can be easily ignored by the recipients or accepted and passed on as they choose. 
  • Speaking of STYLE, while I usually dress in suits I have often been told that I am very stylish and I love adding some colour to my attire if only by wearing bright accessories and fun socks with pantsuits. 
  • I am forever thankful video phones never caught on. "Cause sometimes I am not the least bit stylish. When I work online before going into the office, I am in my pjs with unbrushed hair. When I make phone calls I am so grateful those predicted ubiquitous videophones don't exist and that videochat is totally optional!
  • I often get inspiration in the oddest ways. No doubt all of you do? After receiving JA's comment and award and thinking about the word STYLE, another girl with a funny hat called to be created! (Maybe I should rename them "stylish girls"? She thinks she is!)
  • I am easily amused by little things. Picking up pretty rocks or shells, snorkelling and seeing fish - they don't need to be terribly exotic but if so that is a plus, just seeing some is wonderful!
  • I love the Moon! We have a very special relationship. He talks to me and I try to include him in my little creations whenever appropriate. Sometimes I search etsy and ebay on "moon" just to see how he inspires other people.
  • I would rather talk about you than me. I (obviously) can do it once I start but it is a challenge. I sit here pondering what else to say. I feel like Shrek sometimes - like I'm an onion. (I absolutely love that line!) There are layers to my personality that aren't always initially evident. It's not that I try to hide them as much as there is often no reason to talk about them unless someone is really interested. I discover new layers in myself all the time. And I wonder.... are we ALL onions???
Oh and one last thing that some of you may have actually been wondering about. Why does she not follow me when I follow her?? I do but I use iGoogle to follow everything that interests me. I have many pages on different topics of interest. All of you who follow me are on one page and I try to keep track of what you are up to. I'm not always successful and I don't always comments but I am watching.... (lol - that sounds creepy but it's virtually the same as following).

So who to award??? Argh! So tough!! And I have seen so many of you presented with this recently that it seems excessive to nominate you again, but....

Sophia at Blue Chair Diary hosts the very fun Sunday Sketches challenge. I really enjoy this sketching group. It is very low-key, very supportive with a real sense of community. A fabulous group with a wonderful host(ess)! I really want to nominate all the participants there too!

Priti Lisa is one heck of a charming, talented artist and persuasive arm-twister! (Yes Lisa this is coming around to you again. I know it has before but I couldn't resist.) Without Lisa, I would never have started the Sketchbook Project and be part of the big tour! Thanks Lisa!

So thinking of how Kristin approached this, who in the blogosphere might you not have met? (I have duelling banjo pigs invading my brain, thanks to her.)

Veronika has two amazing sites and a fabulous style. Notes to Self (I love that name - I am always either saying that or doing it - e.g. Note to Self:  Remember to check the pocket of the seat in front of me on the airplane before disembarking. You don't want to lose another book!) and Secret Fashion Diary starring the most extraordinary fashion model. Very catty! ;)

Peggy Stermer-Cox does amazing abstract pieces as well as fascinating blind sketches and studies. I sure wish I had her discipline, talent and eye for seeing pieces and putting them together in unusual ways. (So Peggy - you can ignore this as I know you don't like/want blog awards but I just wanted people who hadn't seen your work to do so.)

I'm really enamoured with Donna, the Happy Painter's work. I came across it during the SBP and have been quietly dropping by since! A fun combination of quotes and painting. Seeing her work makes me want to play in my art journal more.

M.H. Dunaway's art intrigues me. Bold. Introspective. And when I first visited, the Moon was prominent in  the art a lot!

Is that 6 or 7? Does one artist with 2 sites count as 1 or 2? Well since it is up to me, I will leave it at that. I'm sure you've had enough of my ramblings already. Please be sure to visit JA and her delightful Egg and Kristin Dudish if you haven't already as well as these awardees!!

Now to try to figure out which month is my favourite for Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge. A tough one!


  1. So much fun to learn more about your layers :)
    I'm going to check out your links!


  2. Now, that's one jam-packed post of interesting things.

    Thanks for mentioning me... SBP.... SBP .... what's that? LOL.


  3. Oh SBP = SketchBook Project and is my often used acronym for it!

  4. Thank you for this, I'm really honored :) I did mine few days ago, you can find it here: http://www.constantworkinprogress.com/notestoself/2011/1/14/pay-it-forward.html, it's fairly embarrassing and silly but it couldn't be any other way with me, could it? :D

  5. Thank you for your comment. This has been so much fun for me. I hope that it has been a good experience for you as well. It is so nice to learn more about you and your drawing is great. I look forward to learning more about the artists that you have mentioned. I agree about the layers. :)

  6. Thank you for the great honor, Eva! I'm touched! Your discussion was most eloquent and entertaining...stylish too! Love the style girl and her hat! Now I get the moon on your blog; thank you! One more question, are you a sweet onion, spring onion, red onion? Thank you again!

  7. Thank you Eva, for the sweet compliment, it really made my day! I just want to turn it back to you, without you SBP would have been totally overwelming...you are such an encouraging frien and support.
    I LOVE onions! Barely a meal without some.


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