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02 January 2011

Sunday Sketching 02Jan2011 SBP Cover and More Pages

The deadline approaches. Argh!!

I have been sketching like a mad woman trying to get it all finished!!  I am making progress and I "think" I might have enough ideas to complete it. Here is what I've done today and in the past few days (as always double-clicking makes the image clearer):

The Cover
(the words on the boat say "Sailing on a Sea of Forgotten Dreams" and the others say "People", "Deeds" and "Things".

Accidental Biology Experiment

Forgotten Smoke Detector Battery

Forgotten Protection
(Thanks Scott for this idea)

I wanted to keep most of the sketchbook slightly humorous if possible but this one I wanted to do even though it is so very sad and horrid and not in the least bit funny.

Tire Iron
(Thanks Dad)

(Thanks Katie. And yes, that lawn chair is frozen into my pool.)

(I'm embarrassed at the number of times I've bought the same book!)

(Still some more pages in the middle to go yet though! I didn't work in a very regular order.)
Today I am continuing to work on this in between taking down the tree and putting away my extensive decorations and checking on your Sunday Sketches. Hopefully by next Sunday, my sketches will be of something other than "I'm sorry I forgot you"!


  1. These are fabulous!
    Accidental science experiment, lol!

  2. congratulations on your progress of your book, that must feel wonderful! So fun to see what you are creating.

  3. Wow - I could have never come up with all of these great ideas! Great job in getting this done!


  4. Good on you. I've given up on mine.. Just couldn't get past the 'wall'.

    PS - Yes, I did do a post about my word for 2011

  5. What pretty pieces! I especially love the first piece with all of the boats!

  6. Wow, you have been busy! Great pages:)

  7. Happy New Year Eva!!!!Very clever! I love these. They are very revealing. Thank you for sharing yourself!

  8. Good stuff, especially the chair in the pool! lol!

  9. Hi Eva, I applaud your courage and determination to complete the sketchbook project. Excellent interpretations of your theme! Congratulations!

  10. I enjoyed seeing your sketchbook project progress. I bet you're working like a mad woman on it, as you say, with the deadline coming up. It's looking good.

    thanks for your visit.


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