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15 January 2011

Today is My Day and Inspiration

Today is my day in the Diary Project 2011!

And the day I am starting a new painting.

Inspiration Avenue's Weekly Theme is "What Inspires You?" and I have decided this very artistic (haha) photo of my blank canvas is my entry.

It does represent Inspiration to me (or sometimes the lack thereof). It is totally open to interpretation and can become anything. It can be a landscape, a portrait, an abstract. It can be formed using many different media or combinations of mixed-media. It can be a masterpiece or it can be a mess. Which of those it becomes may relate more to skill but how it touches the viewer has more to do with inspiration!

For me inspiration often comes from a word, a quote, a phrase or a prompt - which is why Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenges are so great! Everyone takes the inspiration and comes up with such vastly different interpretations! Other times an image does it. But most often during my experience making 365 creations in/for CED2010 just putting pencil or pen to paper led to the inspiration for a new creation. Often much to my surprise late at night or on brain-dead types of days!

I still don't know what will provide the inspiration for this painting. I think it will be certain colours that I know I want in it. From there, who knows!!

Off to find the colours and make the most of "my day"! I hope inspiration finds us all!

(Oh! P.S. Inspiration struck! In the shower! (Water is AMAZING for providing insights and inspiration!) I know what I will do now!)

(P.P.S. I'm thinking about starting a "challenge" - 52 paintings in 52 weeks. Anyone interested?)


  1. That's a great post. Ooh the wonderful anticipation of a blank canvas. Hope your inspiration cup overfloweth this week!

  2. Can't wait to see where you go with this :)


  3. I so love mixed media as you never have to face the blank canvas! Slap on a few bits of paper and phew..."the fear" is over! :) I look forward to seeing your inspiration take its form!

  4. AH! The white canvas (or paper), ripe with potential! It's fun, it's exciting, so many decisions! Nice take on inspiration Eva!

  5. Hi, hope you found your inspiration! Color is an awesome way to start~ Happy creative weekend, Theresa

  6. Can't wait to see!
    I like to build my canvases for 2 reasons...I loke to work on wood and while I am sawing and gluing and hammering I have nothing to do but listen to the muse :)
    52 paintings in 52 weeks???
    I KNOW I can't do that.
    Maybe 1 a month.
    I was thinking about a round robin journal...

  7. Hooray for your day! A great excuse to begin a new project :)

  8. Good post. You make a good observation that sometimes just putting pen/pencil to paper can lead us into creating. Its interesting that the blank canvas could be viewed with panic or with excitement.

    52 paintings in 52 weeks. Sounds scary (because I don't always create in paint) but exciting. I shall wait to hear more.

    Kat X

  9. I love that you find the blank canvas inspiring rather than intimidating! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it! nancy


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