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15 March 2010

Doodling Away... in one form or another

Another week and another seven small creations. Still on my mind were the story threads from last week. A bit of fitness, a bit of Alice and doodling - some zen and some pencil.



Wednesday: I have been looking at the sky a lot lately and noticing things I haven't noticed before. Finally we have had a clear week (until the weekend of course!) and on this day especially, the sunset was phenomenal! And I was driving by a location where it was particularly visible but not blinding. (Usually I am driving East at that time of day and only see rear view window or mirror sunsets.) I had never really noticed before that the sky is lighter at the horizon and darker overhead. No doubt I have been colouring skies wrong all my life (not that I have coloured a lot of skies). As soon as I arrived home I quickly tried to capture the sky with watercolours in my CED2010 book. I'm thinking that one of the benefits of CED2010 is increased attention to details and seeing things in different lights, with a more considered perspective.




Sunday: My favourite this week, I think.

I am very happy I am still on track with the CED2010 challenge and with my fitness challenge of exercising 5 times a week. I wish the pounds were dropping like flies but they aren't . Fitness however is the goal and I am becoming fitter . Also this week I created a presentation for a conference I'm attending on Tuesday, and a little collage of last week's "walking with a camera" outing. The theme was change and here is the collage. Wish I could have captured the sound of the melting, running and draining water.

And I was the beneficiary of others' creativity. I decided to bid on one of the amazing pieces of art in Inspiration Avenue's recent Art Auction. Soon this lovely piece by the very talented Lisa of Priti Studio will be making it's way to me. The Moon, Stars, the Sea, - how perfect!

Hope you had a great creative week!
All the best for this new week! I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!


  1. Friday umbrella is my favorite, very cool drawing!

  2. Hi Sweet Eva, you know me, I love the cheshire cat!
    thank you for the plug :)
    Crossing my fingers for a sunny day soon...it's been gloomy since Friday
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Love the Cheshire Cat. He's such a "charmer". You're doing sooo well in keeping up with Creative Everyday. Great Work. You go girl! :)

  4. Hi Eva,

    What great variety in your work! I love the zentangles.

  5. Great pieces - I think Saturday is my favorite too!


Looking forward to hearing from you!