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22 March 2010

A Fruity kinda Week!

Still going strong! Well, perhaps that is an exaggeration. Some days, I have more fun and more ideas than others. What about you? But I am keeping at it. This week I had a bit of a theme. While shopping, I thought that I really should eat more healthy food and bought a bunch of fruit. On Monday, I decided to draw some of it, so the major focus this week has been pastelled fruits with a couple of Zen Doodles thrown in for fun! Lovely fruit to look at and all very delicious to eat afterwards!!

Mango Monday:

Tasty Gala Apple Tuesday:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! (aka Wednesday):

Thirst Quenching Kiwi Thursday:

Fabulous Nectarine Friday:


Sweet Raspberry Sunday:

Along with CED2010, I have been working on a few other projects this year. Fitness is one: - and I exercised 5 times again this week (Yay!!). Cleaning and De-cluttering my House is another: - mostly this has been a room by room superclean. This month was my basement family room and I decided to clear off the desk that used to be stacked with old computer equipment (ugh). Then we discovered the secure computer recycling depot and now it is all gone (Yay!). So I cleaned the rest of the clutter off of it and decided to use it to try out some painting. Starting small, I bought some little 4x6 canvas boards and acrylics at the dollar store (I do own more expensive paints but I thought I'd first try these) and thought I'd experiment with a flower. So here it is:

There are two others started but not complete. Maybe next week. And I tried participating in Blue Chair Diary's Sunday Sketches.

So that was my creative week. What about yours? I'm looking forward to reading all about them!


  1. Wow! What a productive week you had! I love your flower picture.

  2. As usual, love your Zendoodles. What a cool four leaves clover! Love the texture of both your Kiwi fruit and the flower (acrylic painting). You're doing very well and can tell something big is coming ... :) Well Done!

  3. Love the Zendoodles! The fruit is great too...I have a difficult time with pastels so I envy you these.

    The four leaf clover is my favorite!

  4. that four-leaf clovers is one of favorite, I like the patterns

  5. Lovely work Eva, love your zendoodles and fruit, so productive and creative! I can't believe all the other stuff you're accomplishing too, quite impressive! My week was pretty good creatively, my big problem is not enough time, like most people - I'm just torn in so many directions it's tough to get accomplished all I want to, but keep at it - happy SS! Susan


  6. love all your fruity goodness!

    Happy Sunday Sketches!

    Sketch On!

  7. Your sketches are cool!! :) I really love the shamrock one.

    Thank you so much for participating again.

    Happy Sunday!


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