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29 March 2010

Zen and Fruit, Fruit and Zen

This week's creations were much like last week, I continued to try pastelled fruit and did more zen doodles. Different fruit, though. I smiled when I saw Leah's theme for April "5 Senses" as I felt my fruit explorations fit the description nicely: Sight - looking at the fruit closely to try to make my version somewhat like the original; Sound - especially when biting into some of them after their portrait was complete; Taste - yummy!; Smell - the riper the fruit, the richer the smell; Touch - holding them to eat, to figure out texture, to peel. Working with pastels on these fruits has been interesting. I've learned you always need an extra piece of paper around to rub off the excess colour the crayons pickup when blending. What I haven't yet learned is how to create a sharp edge for outlines and details.

So here are my activities for the week:



Wednesday: I liked these but couldn't get the colour quite right. None of my red pastels was the red of the strawberries. Out of a 50 pastel pack, I'd thought I'd have better luck. 





So what else did I create this week? I tried a couple of new recipes with changes so that kind of qualifies as creating. I continued my exercise program and exercised 5 times this week - my work on creating a fit body continues... (will it ever end???). I participated in the Sunday Sketching challenge again that Sophia at Blue Chair Diary hosts. And I finished a second acrylic that I started last week. I have a wonderful hydrangea tree at my front door that blooms in the fall - and tried to capture one of its flowers here.

Enough of me. What about you? Did you have a good creative week? What was the most fun for you? I look forward to checking out your work on Leah's Mr. Linky! Thanks again to all of you who have commented. Have a great week ahead!


  1. I am amazing at how consistently creative you are!
    Good for you. Since I love flowers, the hydra picture calls out to me.

  2. No kidding....how do you fit it all in and exercise 5 times!!!! Congrats all around...keep it up! :-D

  3. Keep on amazed by your persistence! Well Done! Love the details of the orange and all the Zen doodles. Keep going .... :D

  4. Hi,

    Thanks so much for stopping by today with your encouraging words about my basement flood.

    Luckily, my best paintings were upstairs awaiting a photo shoot. And I'm trying to dry out the paper from my cards to see if I can reuse the paper in some way.

    It was definitely a lesson learned. We wanted to declutter the basement and didn't have the energy to do it. So now we are forced to do it. So that is a good thing.

    I'm glad that you found about the wiring problem during your flood. That is definitely a silver lining.

    And you know this is a good lesson in letting go of things. They are just things. They are not life or loved ones. Things can be replaced. Art can be recreated.

  5. Hi Eva
    Glad you liked my funny wee birds. I am certainly finding keeping up with my aim of drawing something every day a challenge - some days are definitely easier than others! I love your goofy eyeglasses doodle! It is good to let a sense of humour out on the page!

  6. You had a VERY productive week. I loved your art. You are very creative. Your zendoodles are really clever and Friday's was quite colorful and unique.

    Found you on CED and have to say congrats on your healthy lifestyle and workout program.


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