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08 March 2010

Pastels and Pens - CED2010 Weekly Check-In

As I suspected last week, the theme of STORY isn't really working for me. Yet in spite of that, story threads did emerge in my little creations this week. Two threads - one of my continuing work to create a fit body: and the other - Alice in Wonderland (no doubt because of all of the publicity with the new film release). Mostly I played with pastels and pens.



Wednesday: This was an attempt in more than one way. Working on strengthening my stomach and knees in the physical form and working on a frontal view of sitting in the drawn form. Hard and harder!




Sunday: Trying "Wall Sitting" again. Argh. This person looks deformed not like they are sitting with no chair. :(   Maybe I'll have to take a photo and see how to improve my perspective. (Note to self - must learn how to do happy/sad faces on blogger)

Still creating small things. Exercised five times this week too! Went for a walk with my daughter and our cameras. Maybe I'll post a few photos next week as I haven't had a chance to look at them or edit them yet. Beautiful weekend!!! So happy to see signs of Spring! I was invited to speak at a conference and created an outline for my talk. More work on that this week. A few words made it on to my page/word document but not nearly as many as I had hoped. 

That's it for me! What about you? Did you have a creative week?

I look forward to seeing your work and reading your stories! 

Have a great one!


  1. Your energy and commitment are wonderful! My favorite drawing is the teapot--simply beautiful!
    I am also trying to exercise every day and feeling like I'm getting fitter.

  2. @gina Thanks! Good for you! Nice to see the start of results for our exercise efforts, isn't it!

  3. Again, your persistence is just amazing! There's no way I could avoid any bunnies, hahaha! Is that the tea pot for Alice's Tea Party? I love it! You're doing great with your artwork. Thank you for sharing!

  4. oh - the black and white one is stunning! so glad i found your blog! I'll be back for a visit for sure - great inspiration - thanks :)

  5. Hi Chickie! Just got the chance to pop in for a visit...what a great blog you have! I almost feel like I'm snooping in your private journal...FUN!

    Thanks for your deligent bidding at the auction...I'll be shuffling off to the post office tomorrow morning :) I hope you don't mind, but I put a link to your blog on my little post I wrote today.
    Probably should have asked first. Yikes!

    And hey, if you ever get those emoticons figured out,
    let me know...I'm dying for them :)

  6. Hello Eva,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog to visit. What a delight! :)

    For the Sunday Sketches, no special requirements at all. Simply do a sketch and post it each Sunday on your blog. Then, just leave me a comment to let me know you posted and I will add a link from my blog to yours!! :)

    Welcome! I am so excited that you are joining. How encouraging and inspiring for myself and others! Hugs!


Looking forward to hearing from you!