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28 March 2010

Sunday Sketching 28March2010 "Orchids"

I'm trying to press harder when I draw so it will show up when scanned but looking at today's efforts, I'm not sure I have succeeded. It is much better if you click to enlarge though! I am still drawing from real life but I am very taken with some of the fanciful ones others have done. I'll spend more time looking at all of your work after I take my daughter to the art gallery. I am hoping to come back with lots of ideas. (And a fancy new blank journal for my CED2010 efforts! I can't believe it is almost full.)

I played around with my drawing pencils to help me decide which to use when. While not a sketch, it helped to produce the "Orchids"!

Hope you had fun sketching today!


  1. That's a great idea - my orchid is just coming into bloom. I will draw her next week!

  2. I look forward to seeing it!

    Aren't orchids great?!

  3. Looks great - Orchids are so exotic - I think maybe a challenge. I am having the same issue with my pencils, so I am trying to do darker than usual stuff. I think I will try out all of my pencils the way you have to identify which works best.


  4. great orchids! i have a cousin out in san francisco who grows them! awesome flowers!


  5. Oooo how pretty! I've been playing around with my drawing pencils this week too and loved using the different shades :-)


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